Wedding Card Verses

reading a wedding card

Examples of card verses written for a wedding help you find the right words to express your feelings. Whether you're a family member or a close friend, a wedding card is a great opportunity to let the bridal couple know how you feel about them.

Wedding Verses From Family Members

There are many ways for immediate and extended family to express good wishes in a card to the bride and groom.

From Parents

A mother and father's fondest wish is to see their son/daughter happily married...

Today that wish comes true.

Today you join hands as husband and wife,
And together you begin a brand new life.
As parents we pledge our support to you,
And wish you a life filled with love so true.

May your marriage be as blessed
As the one we have known.

With love to both of you from Mom and Dad.

From Siblings

Dear sister on your wedding day,
I wish great happiness.
May your marriage be filled with love,
And well and truly blessed.
Dear brother, you deserve a happy life,
And I'm overjoyed that you're taking a wife.
I wish you both every kind of blessing,
And hope you have the most beautiful wedding.

From Extended Family

May your honeymoon last forever,
May your love always be true,
And as you grow together through the years,
Your family will be there for both of you.

Family is a very precious thing,
And since there's a wedding,
Our family's expanding.

Congratulations on your wedding day.

Wedding Wishes From Friends

Verses from friends are worded a little differently, but they can still express their sentiments to the bride and groom.

It's a beautiful thing watching two friends find
the perfect partner in each other.

Here's to a future filled with bright opportunities and happiness.

Two friends we hold dear are about to say, "I do,"
And we couldn't be happier for both of you.
We wish you good luck and a lifetime of love,
And plenty of blessings from Heaven above.

We're not losing an old friend; we're gaining a new one.
May your marriage bring the two of you closer
than even the best of friends can be.

Two friends are about to wed,
And meld their lives into one.
May they grow together in love,
With a future as bright as the sun.

Sentiments From One Partner to the Other

Brides and grooms often exchange cards on their wedding day filled with promises of love and a bright future.

From the moment we met, I saw my future in your eyes.
I promise you, your future lives in my heart.
Happy wedding day, dearest.

Today I'm marring the best friend I'll ever have.
What a lovely life it's going to be.

You take my hand in yours,
I take your hand in mine.
We pledge to love and support each other
Until the end of time.

All my wishes have come true because I'm marrying you,
And I can hardly wait to tell you, "I do."
Meet me at the altar and we'll say, "I do."
I can't wait to begin a new life with you.
One day when we're old, we'll look back on this day as the beginning of it all...
Thank you for choosing me,
Your loving spouse-to-be.

Personalize Your Wedding Card Verses

One of these verses may suit your needs perfectly, but don't hesitate to alter one to make it just right. For example, if a card is not just from you, change the wording to "we." When you're sure the verse says exactly what you want it to say, add it to your card and give it to the bride and groom as you wish them congratulations.

Wedding Card Verses