Wedding Gifts from the Groom to the Bride

Updated April 5, 2019
bride opening gift from groom

Exchanging wedding gifts from groom to bride is a romantic tradition many couples observe with sentimental and meaningful items that they can treasure for many happy anniversaries. Grooms have lots of options to give their brides, from practical ideas to romantic options, that she is sure to love.

Ideas for Wedding Gifts From Groom to Bride

Grooms can give their bride virtually anything for a wedding gift. The best advice is to keep her personality in mind when choosing something for the day.

Meaningful Sentimental Gifts

Metal wedding keepsake box

The best gifts a groom can give are ones he puts a lot of thought into. Sentimental gifts often become treasured heirlooms or keepsakes, regardless of their monetary value. Consider:

  • Family tree - If your bride can't wait to start a family, create a family tree that can be filled in later. Paint or purchase a beautiful tree canvas and have your parents, grandparents, and your names filled in. Then leave plenty of room for your own children and grandchildren.
  • Map of relationship - This DIY gift is sure to steal the bride's heart. Pick up a large map and add a heart-shaped push-pin to your hometowns. Then add a push-pin for the place where you met. Connect them with string.
  • Love letter - A handwritten love letter, romantic poem, or card with loving wedding wishes is an inexpensive - even free - gift that is among the most treasured of all.
  • Religious items - For a very religious wedding and a spiritual bride, gifts such as a rosary, new family Bible, or cross pendant are highly meaningful.
  • Keepsake box - A wooden or metal keepsake box can be personalized and will hold precious mementos from the couple's relationship, such as love notes, the wedding garter, or other small gifts the couple has exchanged over the years.

Popular Personalized Gifts

Framed embroidered wedding message gift

Personalized gifts, especially with the bride's new last name or initials, are a great way to show the bride how much you care.

  • Engraved crystal figurines - Many wedding gift companies offer a range of products engraved with loving sentiments, wedding poems, and romantic symbols such as hearts, roses, or doves.
  • Handkerchief - An embroidered handkerchief is a simple yet suitable gift to catch the happy tears of a wedding day. Adding the bride's new monogram or initials to the handkerchief makes it especially meaningful.
  • Picture frames - A personalized frame can be engraved with the couple's wedding date, the date they met, their initials, or loving sentiments. Bifold frames with an engagement picture on one side and a romantic poem or framed love note on the other are especially sentimental.
  • Robe or other attire - A monogrammed robe or one marked "hers" is a great pampering gift. Alternatively, luxurious embroidered towels, or more casual his and hers shirts or hats are other good choices.
  • Custom "established" plaque - Have a plaque personalized with your last name and the date your home was "established" (your wedding date). Make sure it matches your living room or entry color scheme.

Funny Presents for Lighthearted Brides

Double Bed Size Her Side And His Side Duvet Quilt Cover Sheet Pillowcase Set King

A bride with a sense of humor is someone who deserves a gift that honors her frivolous side. Pick up something like:

  • "Headache tonight" basket - Pick up items for the bride to use when she doesn't feel like being romantic. Consider fuzzy slippers, ugly plaid pajama pants, headache medicine, book by her favorite author, and face mask.
  • Klutz-proof wedding supplies - If the bride has a tendency to trip, spill, and fall, or experience any other sort of wedding blooper, pick her up things to keep her balanced. Look for a big white bib for her to wear at the reception, pick up canvas slip-ons for the walk down the aisle, and give her a magnet that says 911.
  • Your face on anything - Purchase cookies, candy, shirts, socks, and more that all feature a print of your (the groom's) face.
  • His and hers sheet sets - Look for ones where "her side" is almost the entire bed. These sheets are fun and practical!

Classic and Practical Gifts

Bride holding pearl earrings in box

Brides often receive jewelry and other practical, traditional gifts on their wedding day. If the bride-to-be is a traditionalist, she may find the following gifts from the groom just perfect:

  • Adventure experience - Has the bride always wanted to do something special, from scuba diving to zip lining to riding in a hot air balloon? Pick up something that she can enjoy after the wedding excitement has died down. She's sure to treasure the experience if you come with her!
  • Artwork - A painting, print, or sculpture with a romantic meaning is a popular choice for many couple's wedding gifts. Such artwork can express tenderness and love that the groom may have difficulty putting into words to share with his bride.
  • Charm bracelet - A great gift that can be cherished for many years is a delicate charm bracelet that starts with a wedding themed charm such as a wedding cake or bell. Hearts and roses are other popular preliminary charms.
  • Honeymoon accessories - Gifts the bride can use on the couple's honeymoon, such as snorkeling gear for a tropical getaway or a camera to record their travels, are always fun options.
  • Jewelry - Pearls are traditional wedding gifts from groom to bride, particularly necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that the bride may wear during the wedding. Diamond stud earrings or a diamond necklace that matches the engagement ring are other suitable options.

When to Give a Gift

While most often wedding gifts from groom to bride are exchanged via messenger on the wedding day itself, they can also be given earlier, such as at the rehearsal dinner or during a quiet moment together the day before the wedding. This is especially suitable if the gift will be meant for the bride to wear at the wedding. The groom can also arrange for the bride's gift to be in the hotel room or at their home after the wedding.

Gifts Are an Expression of Love

Many couples exchange meaningful, thoughtful gifts on their wedding day. A groom can give his bride any number of gifts to express his love, appreciation, and romance for his soon to be wife. That loving gesture will not soon be forgotten, no matter how many anniversaries a couple shares. Brides should also consider giving the groom a gift as well, so he can feel just as loved as she does on their special day.

Wedding Gifts from the Groom to the Bride