Wedding Night Gift Baskets

Updated January 3, 2019
Wedding couple with gift basket

A wedding night gift basket for the bride and groom is a fun way to treat the newlyweds to a special treat and keep the wedding festivities going. Depending on your relationship to the couple and the couple's personality, you can personalize this basket to include anything you think they'll enjoy.

DIY Wedding Gift Basket Ideas for Brides and Grooms

Putting together a gift basket that you customize is a great way to show the bride and groom that you care. Most of the items you need to put together a perfect wedding night or honeymoon basket are readily available online or in major retail stores. With a little planning, you can create the perfect DIY basket for the new couple to enjoy.

Nice and Naughty Gift Basket

This gift basket is designed for a couple that has a good sense of humor and isn't easily embarrassed. It is intended to set a lighthearted but romantic mood. The basket might contain:

The bride and groom can use the candles and rose petals to decorate their room, creating an ambiance of romance. The food and champagne are affiliated with sensuality. Massage oil and edible body paint allow for some fun after changing into the seductive attire included in the basket.

Relaxing After the Reception Gift Basket

This gift wedding night gift basket idea is intended to help the bride and groom relax after their - usually very long - day of wedding festivities. It may include:

lavender relaxation basket

The items in this basket are all relaxation themed. The scent of lavender is linked to relaxation, and the pillow spray and candles will help envelop the couple in a room emanating calmness. Lavender-scented lotion can help soothe sore feet. The snacks and tea are relaxing and delicious foods that will help the couple fill their late-night empty stomachs. Pajamas and soft socks put anyone in a calm mood.

Add a few springs of actual lavender to the basket to dress it up for presenting to the couple.

Best Night Ever Gift Basket

This gift basket keeps the well-wishing and celebratory mood going after the reception has ended and reminds the couple of just how incredible their special evening was. Its contents are intended to further congratulate the couple and remind them of how their friends and family are excited for them. Its contents might include:

  • Bottle of wine in basket
    A card of congratulations signed by the couple's best friends
  • T-shirts saying "Just Married!" or something similar
  • A journal to record the best memories of the evening before they're forgotten
  • A CD of the best songs played during the reception
  • One of the couple's wedding invitations, framed to remind the couple of their best night ever
  • Light snacks, like fruit, bread, and cheese to satisfy late-night hunger as they remember their night
  • A bottle of sparkling apple cider to quench their evening thirst
  • Personalized glasses with their monogram, names, or "Mr." and "Mrs."

The contents of this basket remind the couple of their best night ever and, to that end, many of its contents focus on the "best" parts of the evening. The glasses etched with their new initials or titles, bath towels, and t-shirts celebrate their new relationship while the journal, CD, framed invitation, and card reinforce the "best" theme. Snacks are included because most couples are hungry at the end of their long day.

Tips on Putting Together a Gift Basket

No matter its contents, the gift basket you create should be nicely presented. This requires using a basket deep enough to hold all the items you selected, perhaps in a color that matches either the theme of the basket or the wedding. For example, the Nice and Naughty Gift Basket might be red or black in color.

The basket should contain some tissue or colored shredded paper in the bottom so that the contents stand up and are visible. If you are afraid of the contents falling out of the basket, you may choose to use clear plastic wrap to enclose the basket which can be found at most craft stores. All baskets should contain a bow at the top that matches the basket or its contents. Don't forget to include a card so the couple knows whom to thank for the gift.

Pre-Made Baskets for Purchase

Wedding night gift baskets are also sold online. This can be a great option for those with limited time when a DIY basket isn't an option. You can choose from fun snack and relation themed baskets to those that offer more intimate gift items. Examples of offered baskets include:

Naughty Nights

Naughty Nights Couples Romantic Gift Basket
Naughty Nights Couples Romantic Gift Basket

The Naughty Nights Couples Romantic Gift Basket offered by Hayneedle contains playful items. Its contents include nighttime games designed for couples, sensuous pillow spray, chocolate body paints, an aromatherapy candle, and a wooden massager. It costs approximately $135.

Happily Ever After

The Happily Ever After Gift Box sold by the English Tea Store combines romance with memories of a couple's wedding. Its contents include snacks in the form of cookies, crackers, and truffles, as well as an inspiration book for the newlyweds, votive candles, and a gold picture frame to fill with a photo of their choice. It costs about $55.

White Dove Wedding

The White Dove Wedding Gift Basket offers a special selection of indulgent snacks for a couple to enjoy on their wedding night, along with other items that help them celebrate their marriage, like pretty votive candles and a wooden photo frame. The basket includes Champagne glasses, sparkling cider, lobster pate, crackers, vegetable spread, rich Camembert cheese spread, delectable olives, cheese twists, and sweet caramel nut clusters. It's available from Adorable Gift Baskets for about $120.

Double Delight Gift Basket

The Double Delight Gift Basket from Kiarna Vineyards offers a decadent gift of food and drink for the new couple. Wine is a classic romantic gift, and with this basket, you give the happy couple the best of both worlds with an enticing offering of both white and red wines. Along with a delicious Chardonnay and an elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, the couple will receive an assortment of snacks to indulge in, including Stonefire flatbread crisps, rich Asiago cheese spread, and delectable golden walnut cookies. It is available for about $50.

Wedding Night Surprise

Another gift idea is the Italian Dinner for Two from Gourmet Gift Baskets. This basket contains everything the couple needs for a delicious Italian meal - ideal for couples who had an afternoon ceremony and probably didn't stop to think about what to eat for dinner. Two bottles of wine are accompanied by pasta, sauce, and all the fixings including biscotti for dessert. Delivery requires a signature from a recipient age 21 or over because of the alcohol. The basket costs around $160.

Giving a Thoughtful Basket

Wedding night gift baskets can be a fun and romantic gift for a newlywed couple to enjoy. From pampering gifts to intimate indulgences, there are many options for creating a tasteful and thoughtful gift that a couple can enjoy during their first few hours of being husband and wife.

Wedding Night Gift Baskets