Wedding Ring Clipart

Updated December 20, 2018
Wedding ring clip art on invitation

A little clipart can add a decorative touch when you're designing your own wedding stationery, especially wedding ring graphics since the meaning is unmistakable. Whether you're looking for free clipart or you're willing to pay a few dollars for a design you can use as many times as you like, your choices are plentiful.

Download Free Wedding Band Clipart

The wedding ring clip art images you see on this page are free to download. Simply save the image(s) of your choice to your computer and use them as needed.

  • Windows users: Right click on an image and save to your hard drive.
  • Mac users: Control + click on an image and save to your hard drive.

Diamond Bands

Diamond bands are a great option for couples who selected rings featuring diamonds. They also fit with a bling party vibe for a shower, engagement party, rehearsal, or even reception.

diamond ring clipart

Gold Bands

Traditional gold wedding bands make a good options for couples who selected them as their ring choice. These round gold bands have a shiny reflective appearance.

double gold bands
single gold band

Platinum or White Gold Bands

Platinum bands continue to be a popular metal for wedding rings; white gold has a similar look for a little less. The bands are excellent choices for a couple who doesn't want to highlight the bride's engagement ring.

Platinum bands clipart
Single platinum ring clipart

Ways to Use Your Wedding Ring Clipart

The clipart you select can be used in a number of ways. One of the best uses for the clipart is at an engagement party. The bride-to-be frequently shows off her ring at this party so it makes perfect sense to utilize one of the ring images for this party's stationary and decorations. A bridal shower theme with bling is another perfect spot for using the clipart designs. Picture other ways to use the clipart, like:

  • At the top of your wedding invitations
  • In your wedding programs
  • On thank you notes
  • On address labels
  • On seating placement cards
  • As part of your favor tags

The rings can serve as wall décor, too. Take the image to a printer and have several images printed for hanging in your engagement party, shower, or wedding reception space.

A Little Clipart Goes a Long Way

Whichever clipart of wedding rings you choose, resist the urge to overuse it or you'll dilute its visual impact. Limit it to an accent that enhances the overall design of your wedding stationery, and you'll be much happier with the results.

Wedding Ring Clipart