What to Wear to a Barn Wedding: Casual Yet Chic

Published October 28, 2020
Barn wedding set up for guests

Deciding what to wear to a barn wedding is easy when you have several casual to chic choices. A barn wedding can be casual yet chic or just as formal as a church wedding, so keep that in mind, along with the season the wedding takes place, when you're making your fashion choices.

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding

You can decide as a couple which style you wish to wear. You can take a clue from the bride and groom and what style they've chosen for their special day.

1920s Sophistication and Elegant Style

The combination of a rustic setting and elegant couture can create a sophisticated contrast. A stylish 1920s beaded dress is right for any wedding, especially one with at a unique venue. Your date can wear a three-piece suit with the self-same fabric for his vest. His tie and flamboyant handkerchief should match the color of your dress. You want to ensure he chooses a shirt that requires cufflinks, and don't forget the tie pin! You can add a cloche hat, and he can wear a Fedora or a straw hat (boater) with a striped band.

Elegantly dressed couple at barn wedding

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding in the Spring

You can choose clothing for a spring wedding to mimic colors bursting alive in the world. You may go with a cheery splash of color or select something that conveys the magic of the earth reawakening.

Springtime Cheer

You may want to don a cheerful yellow dress with a wide leather belt. You can take a fun straw western hat in case you venture out into the afternoon sunshine. You should drape a lightweight sweater over your arm since nights tend to be cooler in the spring. A pair of yellow or brown low heels should make a great look for any spring wedding held in a barn.

Woman in a field dressed for a barn wedding

Pink Blossoms of Spring

You may prefer to choose a beautiful flower blossom color for your wedding garb. An elegant lace bodice with see-through long selves and a tulle pink skirt offers the mystique of springtime. Choose the right purse and a simple floppy straw hat to complete your strolling in the spring garden look.

Woman in a dress in a spring garden

Western Portrait of Loving Couple

If your date dresses in dark gray pants and a light gray shirt, he might choose a gray patterned tie to complete an understated look. You might decide on a bolder look with a spring blue and yellow plaid dress. The temperature may still be brisk enough to don a lightweight navy sweater. Both of you should choose your best boots and quickly be on your way to the barn wedding!

Couple dressed for a barn wedding

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding in the Summer

You want to wear clothing that is light when attending a barn wedding in the summer. It's important to choose fabrics that breathe with the summer heat. Light colored patterns or pale solid colors will psychologically help you feel cooler. A wide brimmed summer hat will add a touch of festivity to your ensemble.

Summer Breeze Country Casual

Unless the barn is a rarity and air conditioned, you want wedding attire that will help you stay cool. A spaghetti strapped cotton dress is an ideal summer dress for a barn wedding. You can choose a wide western styled belt to transform a straight shift dress into something more appealing. Make sure you add a nice necklace and earrings to complete your summer look.

Couple at a summer country wedding

Your Date Goes Western

Your date might choose to wear a western style double pocket with cotton flaps. Short sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves are both good choices. A white and blue narrow plaid shirt will look good with a pair of navy pants or if a truly casual wedding is planned, a pair of jeans. Both of you should wear your best western boots for a fun time square dancing at the reception.

Summer Flower Dress

A simple dress style with cap sleeve looks as though you just draped it closed at the waist. A pink background with soft white /pink flowers makes this a fun dress to wear to any summer wedding. Put a pink flower in your hair and don a pair of dress sandals with heels for a nice summery finishing touch.

Woman in a pink floral summer dress

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding in the Fall

The fall season is filled with vibrant colors as the foliage changes. You may enjoy choosing rustic fall colors for your wedding outfit.

Fall Color and Elegant Style

A form fitting burgundy dress with long sleeves and a slender black belt is a great barn wedding look for a fall afternoon. Short ankle boots and a burgundy purse make this a simple but elegant fashion choice.

Woman wearing a fall red dress

Just Add a Sweater and Coat

For a casual fall wedding held at a barn venue, your date may decide to wear jeans, a fall colored plaid shirt, a V-neck sweater, and a tan casual sports coat. He may need a little help with the button, though.

Couple buying clothes

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding in the Winter

If staying warm is a concern for a wedding held during the winter inside a barn, then you need to layer up. You can take advantage of the warmth sweaters provide.

Ushering in Winter With a Turtleneck Sweater Dress

You can wear a warm, turtleneck sweater dress cinched at the waist with a slender rawhide sash. Don a pair of yellow tights to give a little color between the dress hemline and top of your boots. You can leave on the muck boots for that special statement that you know your way around a barn, or trade them in for a little more of a Western flare. Either choice will work for you when you wear a tweed coat and felt Fedora.

Woman wearing a warm knit dress and coat

Couples That Wears Turtlenecks Together Have Fun!

Your date might not want you to outshine him. He may decide to level the fashion field by wearing a turtleneck sweater with stylish tweed pants. You can advise him how to give this nice winter look a touch of sophistication with a pinstriped coat. He can add a sexy felt hat, but make sure he adjusts his sunglasses when the sun goes down so he'll be all set!

man in hat and turtleneck

Deciding What Is Best to Wear to a Barn Wedding

Choose colors for your wedding attire that go best with the season and choose the style you're most comfortable wearing. Once you decide what to wear to a barn wedding, you can plan how you wish to accessorize.

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding: Casual Yet Chic