Invitation Wording for a Casual Wedding

Updated December 22, 2018
informal simple wedding invitation

The wording on a wedding invitation should reflect the mood of the upcoming event. Therefore, if you are planning a casual wedding, the wording on your informal wedding invitation should be on the lighter side. Download and print free casual invitations using Adobe.

Informal Invitation Wording for Outdoor Weddings

This invitation takes a lighthearted approach to providing information about the wedding and reception, and also because it asks for emailed RSVPs. The trees and greenery make it an excellent choice for an outdoor wedding, whether in the backyard, park, or at a garden.

Click to print the outdoor wedding invite.
Click to print the outdoor wedding invite.

Modern Floral Invitation With Casual Wording

This invitation provides guests with basic information about the ceremony and reception, which invites guests to join you but does not appear overly formal. It does not ask for an RSVP, which is perfectly acceptable in a casual wedding invitation. The use of third person in this invitation wording makes it suitable to send for a wedding that is hosted by the couple's parents, but without naming those parents, which would create a more formal invitation. The contemporary floral design is a good choice for couples who want to add a little modern flair to their wedding.

floral invitation
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Fun, Casual Invitation Wording

By inserting the names of the bride and groom and the time and locations of the ceremony and reception into this sample, you create an invitation that provides guests with information about the wedding while maintaining a lighthearted mood. The RSVP methods attached to this invitation - phone and email - are also casual. The pretty flowers in this one are a good match for a spring or summer wedding.

flower invitation
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Casual Wording Details

Regardless of a wedding's atmosphere, meaning casual or formal, most wedding invitations contain the same information as traditionally worded invitations. This information includes identifying the couple by name, ceremony and reception location, and start time of the reception if it is not immediately following the ceremony.

Notes on Naming the Hosts

A recent trend has started where the individual or individuals hosting the wedding, such as the bride's parents, are not identified in the invitation. It's often due too many contributors to the wedding for it to be practical to name each on the invitation. Today, it is not unusual for both sets of parents and the couple to contribute financially. Therefore, rather than bog down the invitation, couples are forgoing listing anyone but the bride and groom as the couple hosting on the wedding invitation. This trend is perfect for a casual wedding invitation because it allows the content of the invitation to remain light, short, and to-the-point.

How to Write the Date and Time

On traditional invitations, the date and time are usually written out using text rather than numbers. However, when you write the date on a casual wedding invitation, you can use the numerical options for the time and day.

Casual RSVPs

Due to the cost of invitations and postage, many couples throwing a casual wedding are no longer requiring guests to RSVP using a formal card. Instead, RSVPs are not required at all or are being collected by phone or email. This reduces the expense of invitations. However, in the case of the latter situation, it also might induce more guests to respond since calling or emailing is commonly viewed as being easier than mailing a formal card.

Creating Your Informal Wedding Invitation

Sending a casual invitation goes hand-in-hand with planning a simple, casual wedding. Any of the three samples provided above will let guests know in a fun way where and when to plan on celebrating your event.

Invitation Wording for a Casual Wedding