100 Valentine's Day Drink Names That Embrace Love

With the perfect Valentine's Day-themed cocktail names, you'll be falling in love, one sip at a time!

Published January 11, 2023
Fresh red margarita cocktail with hearts

Love is in the air, and it's in your cocktail, or mocktail. Set hearts aflutter like the butterflies in your stomach with an aptly named Valentine's Day cocktail. Whether you're toasting to Galentine's Day, celebrating platonic love, or letting your someone special know just how much they mean to you, grab those rose-colored glasses and pick your favorite name.

Valentine's Day Drink Names That Celebrate Love

Flat lay of champagne glass with red heart confetti

Give a toast to the love of your life, your ride or die, the apple of your eye with a romantic or flirty cocktail. Don't forget the flowers!

Valentine's Day Party Cocktail Names


Grab your confetti and your best pink and red outfit - it's time to party in the name of love. Obviously, no party about romance is complete without cocktails. That's our professional party opinion, at least.

Glowing Goddesses Galentine's Day Cocktail Names

Red cranberry cocktail

No February is complete without a toast to the friends that always have your back. From highs to lows, those nights spent laughing until you're crying, and the days you wouldn't be able to get through without those girls by your side. Here's to them!

Valentine's Day Mocktail Names

Champagne cocktails with hibiscus and strawberry hearts

Enjoy an early morning Valentine's Day treat or live the sober-life on this, the holiday of love, with a romantic cocktail name to make you swoon. The only buzz you'll get is from love.

A Valentine's Day Drink Name to Swoon For

Leave the cocktail drink naming to us...you take care of the flowers, cocktail shaking, and mocktail stirring. These names will add butterflies and skipped heartbeats to whatever type of menu or celebration you're planning for your Valentine's Day.

100 Valentine's Day Drink Names That Embrace Love