34 Signature Drink Names Perfect to Personalize Your Cocktail

Give your signature drink that perfect finishing touch: a name.

Published February 16, 2023
Woman making signature cocktail

So you want to welcome people to your home with something other than just an old-fashioned. Even if that recipe closely mirrors an old-fashioned or any other cocktail, you want a signature drink name. And why shouldn't you? These ideas will get your wheels turning.

Funny & Punny Signature Drink Names

Cocktails aren't meant to be stuffy or serious, so lean into the dad jokes, puns, and laughs with a witty signature drink name.

Chic Signature Drink Names

Give your cocktail a classy, elegant, and stylish name. After all, your cocktails are a reflection of you.

Creating a Signature Drink Name

Put to use your name or anything that you hold near and dear to your heart. Think of crafting a signature drink name like filling in the blanks in Mad Libs. Song lyrics and movie quotes also make for excellent drink names.

  • [Street Name] Old-Fashioned, or other classic cocktail
  • [Pet's Name] Martini
  • [Your Town] Lemonade
  • Mai [Your Name] Tai
  • [Your State] Mule
  • My [Adjective/Noun] 'tail
  • [Your Name] Fizz
  • [Favorite Sports Play/Dance Move/Yoga Pose] Cocktail
  • [Your Favorite Off-Air TV Show] Reviver No. 3
  • [Favorite Song] Margarita
  • Ward [Favorite Number]

A Signature Drink Name as Unique as the Maker

Don't spin your wheels trying to decide on a signature name for your drink. Rely on a few of your favorite things, make it classy, or go with something funny. Whatever happens, the name sure won't be boring.

34 Signature Drink Names Perfect to Personalize Your Cocktail