Awesome Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Published May 17, 2022
Alien brain hemorrhage in a shot glass



  1. In a shot glass, add peach liqueur.
  2. Add Irish cream by pouring down the back of the spoon, then drops of grenadine.
  3. Slowly add blue curaçao.

Variations and Substitutions

The alien brain hemorrhage is a singular and unique shot. But that doesn't mean you can't experiment and push the envelope a little further.

  • If you want a different color and a change in flavor, swap the blue curaçao for another colorful liqueur such as raspberry liqueur, grape liqueur, or banana liqueur.
  • Instead of peach liqueur, give apricot, lychee, pear, or passion fruit liqueur a try.
  • With so many different flavors of Irish cream, give those flavors a try. Especially strawberry cream or almond.
  • Go big on the grenadine for a bold, red and creepy look.


The alien brain hemorrhage doesn't use a garnish, as its gruesome appearance is garnish enough, but if you can't imagine a shot or drink without one, these are a few ideas.

  • Add a lemon, orange, or lime wedges or slice.
  • Prop a cherry, either maraschino or cocktail, or a cocktail skewer to dangle over the glass.
  • A small peach slice is also a great option. Likewise, if you change the base liqueur, use that fruit as a garnish, such as a lychee ball or pear slice.
  • Give your shot a sugar rim. You can keep it simple by using plain white sugar or a colorful sugar instead. Small sprinkles also make for a great rim. A lemon or lime wedge will help the sugar stick to the rim, and simple syrup can keep sprinkles attached quite well.

About the Alien Brain Hemorrhage

Some drinks just appear in this world out of thin air, and the alien brain hemorrhage is no exception. If you're familiar with the Irish Slammer shot and needing to chug the stout, whiskey, and Irish cream before it curdles, then it may seem baffling that the Irish cream is the second ingredient added to this shot. However, that's precisely what happens when this shot is mixed. The curdled mass resembles a floating brain, much as you'd see in a mad scientist's laboratory.

And that's just what you get when you take the shot -- a curdled mass mixed with liqueur. It's a shot that's great for Halloween and wouldn't go amiss at a party with other creepy shots and drinks. Think of a party cocktail menu of Bloody Marys, a corpse reviver, apple cider martinis, and other tasty Halloween cocktails.

A Shot to Scream For

Some shots are more for the thrill than the taste, and the alien brain hemorrhage shot fits the bill perfectly. Gather some friends, a little bit of courage, and take a shot you won't soon forget!

Awesome Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot