Angry Balls Drink: Easy and Delicious 

Published July 25, 2022
angry balls cocktail



  1. In a pint glass, add cinnamon whiskey.
  2. Top off with hard cider.

Angry Balls Drink Variations

The angry balls drink is pretty straightforward, with just two ingredients. Don't be mistaken in thinking you can't change it up. These will get you started.

  • There are several dozen types of cider styles and flavors to choose from. Consider an unfiltered cider instead of filtered. You can also opt for a fruity flavor or something with a little bite.
  • Add a little extra cinnamon liqueur for a bolder cinnamon flavor. You can also add one to two dashes of cinnamon bitters, too.
  • Make it slightly boozy by using half to a full ounce of cinnamon whiskey.
  • You can easily infuse your own whiskey at home.

Garnishes for the Angry Balls Cocktail

Just because a drink doesn't call for a garnish doesn't mean you can't add one.

  • Add an apple slice or wedge. It can be whatever your favorite apple is.
  • Include an orange or lemon slice, wheel, or wedge.
  • Rub the rim of the glass with a lemon wedge, and then dip the rim in either white sugar or cinnamon sugar.

About the Angry Balls Drink

The name of this cocktail is neither threat nor promise; rather, the angry balls moniker comes from the two brands people often turn to when they make this drink: Fireball whisky and Angry Orchard hard cider. It's a beer-style cocktail, otherwise known as the beer cocktail or even the beertail. While not a beer, hard cider is a close cousin. Since it is such a simple cocktail, it's a great addition to any BBQ, especially as it's so quick to mix up. It also wouldn't go amiss at a Halloween and another fall party where it'll fit in perfectly thanks to the apple and cinnamon flavors. Tasty hard cider cocktails aren't new to the world, and they're the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing and crisp cocktail without having to compile a long list of ingredients.

Get Happy With Angry Balls

Dive on into a drink that'll leave you smiling and happy despite its fight-worthy name. The only thing angry is the zap you'll get from the cinnamon whiskey, but blended into the crisp hard cider, it's the most perfect combination you've ever explored. Isn't it time you got a little angry?

Angry Balls Drink: Easy and Delicious