Alcoholic Apple Cider Slushy for a Boozy Autumn

Published June 8, 2022
Apple Cider Slushy



  1. In a blender, add ice, cinnamon whiskey, caramel vodka, and apple cider.
  2. Pulse or use crush-function to blend, but not entirely blend.
  3. Pour into rocks or cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with apple slice, if desired.

Variations and Substitutions

There are plenty of ways to blend, or even shake, up an apple cider slushy. Let's take this treat on the road.

  • Add all ingredients except ice to a small pan and place in the freezer. Allow the mix to freeze for at least four hours or until the mixture has a firm yet slushy appearance. Once the drink has set, carefully add to a rocks glass and enjoy with a garnish.
  • Swap the cinnamon whiskey for a cinnamon vodka. You can even make spiced vodka at home easily.
  • Freeze the apple cider into ice cubes, using approximately twelve to sixteen ounces. Once a slushy consistency, mix with your liquors. Alternatively, freeze 24 ounces of apple cider into ice cubes and use in place of ice.
  • Add two to three dashes of cinnamon, walnut, or molasses bitters for added flavor without added sugar.
  • Sweeten things up with a cinnamon simple syrup or orange liqueur.


The apple cider slushy garnish can be as crisp or sweet as you want.

  • Take several apple cubes and pierce with a cocktail skewer.
  • Use alternating styles of apple slices together, such as Granny Smith with Empire.
  • Add a drizzle of caramel syrup down the inside of the glass.
  • Create a cinnamon sugar rim by first rubbing a lemon along the rim of the glass. Place the cinnamon sugar in a saucer and dip the glass rim into the sugar. You can do the entire rim or a small portion,

An Apple Cider Slushy Flight

Consider crafting a flight of apple cider slushies for your own scientific purposes, or gather a few friends to sample. Consider a few of these liquor combinations to use as bases for your flight.

  • Cinnamon vodka + caramel vodka
  • Spiced rum + apple bourbon
  • Cinnamon whiskey + amaretto
  • Apple vodka + allspice dram
  • Apple bourbon + cinnamon liqueur
  • Spiced rum + caramel vodka

Take a Bite Out of an Apple Cider Slushy

However you enjoy an apple cider slushy, there's a recipe or flavor combination to delight the tastebuds. Work your apple cider slushy magic with a bit of bourbon or some spiced rum to make yours the one that's the talk of your friends.

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Alcoholic Apple Cider Slushy for a Boozy Autumn