Simple Baby Guinness Shot Recipe

Published May 17, 2022
baby guinness shot



  1. In a shot glass, add coffee liqueur.
  2. Slowly add Irish cream to create a layer by pouring down the back of a bar spoon.

Variations and Substitutions

Just like there's more than one way to enjoy a Guinness, there are several ways to craft your baby Guinness shot.

  • Some recipes call for sambuca, an anise or licorice flavored Italian liqueur. If you use sambuca, use equal parts coffee liqueur and sambuca, shaking with ice in a cocktail shaker before straining into a shot glass. You can also try using Galliano instead of sambuca since it also has some herbal flavor notes.
  • If you want the head of your baby Guinness to be especially frothy, shake vigorously with ice to create a thick foam.
  • For a richer flavor, add a quarter ounce of creme de cacao or cinnamon liqueur to your coffee liqueur.
  • Dark rum would add a boozier kick. Use a half-ounce dark or overproof room and a half-ounce of coffee liqueur. If you're worried, you can start with just a splash and work your way up.


The Baby Guinness is a shot without a garnish, but there are a few ways you can easily dress it up.

  • Sprinkle ground nutmeg or finely grated chocolate over the top of the Irish cream.
  • Add a spray of whipped cream to make the foamy top of the "beer" really pop.
  • Make your shot into a dessert drink by using both whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

About the Baby Guinness

Like the green tea shot or the Dr. Pepper cocktail with their tricky names, this shot contains no Guinness but is so named because it resembles a tiny pint of Guinness. Which, you must admit, makes the shot look both adorable and tasty.

If you want your baby Guinness to stand out from the rest, you can always make your own coffee liqueur at home. Although the process does take some time, you can easily customize yours to have a deeper flavor by including dark chocolate or flavored coffee in the process.

A Baby Guinness With Big Flavor

Skip the overly filling pint of Guinness and enjoy this playful take on the classic stout in a shot glass. The baby Guinness shot is a great way to kick off a party, amuse your friends, or enjoy a new shot you're guaranteed to shoot again and again. Imagine the optical illusions you can post to social media as a bonus! You can even serve it alongside adorable mini beer shots; looks like beer, tastes like vanilla.

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Simple Baby Guinness Shot Recipe