Easy & Delicious Dark and Stormy Recipe

Published December 7, 2021
Dark and Stormy Cocktail with fresh lime



  1. Fill a highball glass with ice.
  2. Add the rum and top with ginger beer. Serve without stirring.

Variations and Substitutions

The dark and stormy is more than just a Moscow mule with rum; while it is a simple 2-ingredient highball, it's elegantly simple drink. Still, there are some things you can do to change it up a bit.

  • Some recipes call for a ½ ounce of lime juice. Add it with the rum and stir before adding the ginger beer.
  • Lighten up the ginger flavor by adding half ginger beer and half club soda.
  • Try a spiced rum in place of the dark rum.
  • Try a flavored ginger beer, such as a hibiscus ginger beer.
  • Replace 1 ounce of the dark rum with an ounce of coffee liqueur.
  • Replace ½ ounce of the dark rum with ½ ounce of orange liqueur.


The dark and stormy cocktail is a garnishless highball, but that doesn't mean you can't fancy it up. Add a simple cherry or a citrus wedge, twist, or wheel as garnish. You can also serve it with a lime wedge that can be squeezed into the drink for a bright hint of citrus.

About the Dark and Stormy

The dark and stormy is a non-branded version of the cocktail the dark 'n stormy. In order to call it a dark 'n stormy, the cocktail must use Gosling's black seal rum, but a generic version allows much more leeway in dark rum choices. The dark n' stormy is Bermuda's unofficial national drink; it's said that the look of the highball mimics the dark skies over the Bermudan sea when the weather turns stormy. Whatever it's called and whichever dark rum is used, however, be certain that this drink is intriguing, complex, and delicious.

Stormy Skies Ahead

No need to be in Bermuda--or in a storm--to enjoy this vibrant cocktail. It's a delightful sipper with deep, mysterious flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Easy & Delicious Dark and Stormy Recipe