Fresh Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Published February 2, 2022
Frozen Strawberry Margarita



  1. In a blender, add ice, tequila, strawberries, lime juice, and orange liqueur.
  2. Pulse to blend to desired consistency.
  3. Pour into prepared glass.
  4. Garnish with lime wedge.

Variations and Substitutions

If you prefer to make your frozen strawberry margarita with fresh strawberries, that can sometimes be a difficult dream to achieve if they're out of season. You can rely on strawberry liqueur, strawberry syrup, or even both, to achieve that same flavor. You can add extra ice as needed to keep that chilly goodness. Another great alternative is using frozen strawberries, as well. Depending on how much you use, you can use even less ice and keep the strawberry flavor right at the front. It's easy to make the strawberry margarita a bit more tart by adding extra lime juice in quarter ounce increments, as well as adding freshly squeezed lemon juice for a bright citrus touch.


You can add a rim to your frozen strawberry margarita by first rubbing the rim with a lime wedge. Add your sugar, or salt, to a saucer, then dip the rim into the saucer. Prepare your drink as you would then pour into the prepared glass, careful not to touch the rim. If you want a kick, you can use tajin or chili powder. A lime wedge is a fairly standard margarita garnish, but you can swap in a lemon or orange wheel, use a strawberry, or add a few together to make your frozen strawberry margarita stand out.

About the Frozen Strawberry Margarita

One of life's easiest problems to solve is an abundance of fresh strawberries. The idea of mashing a cup at a time can be both inspirational and daunting, so having a blender on hand makes it easy to whip up a frozen strawberry margarita, especially in the summer with fresh-picked strawberries. However, taking the time to muddle strawberries for a margarita can make the margarita that much sweeter. Using fresh strawberries means a margarita that doesn't rely on sugary liqueurs or syrups to deliver that juicy strawberry flavor. However, if you like yours sweeter, there's no shame in adding in some strawberry schnapps or syrup. If you want your strawberry margarita with a little kick, you can muddle a jalapeño coin or two with your strawberries, but do not add them to the blender.

A Berry Great Way to Chill

A cocktail loaded with flavor and sunshine, the frozen strawberry margarita is a favorite among margarita fans and quite possibly the most popular after the classic. With a blender doing all of the work for you, it's easy to see why this frozen treat is so beloved.

Fresh Frozen Strawberry Margarita