93 Funny Drink Names to Make Guests Laugh

What's the best drink garnish? A funny name!

Published February 8, 2023
Young woman piggybacked by man sipping cocktail

There are plenty of drink names out there that can make you raise an eyebrow or surprise a giggle out of you -- the fuzzy navel is enough to give you a smirk. Want something a little more original? You can even make your own funny drink name. Grab a shaker, and let's get giggling.

Classic Cocktails With Funny Names

Bartenders have an incredible sense of humor, sometimes a bit dry like their martinis, but these funny names have gone down in history.

Original Punny & Funny Drink Names

Along with just being plain funny, these names are sure to crack a smile. Puns? Classic. A punny drink name? That automatically makes the cocktail experience better, that's a well-known fact.

Relatable Funny Drink Names

We've all been there, why not reflect that in a cheeky cocktail name?

  • I Should Start a Podcast
  • Now I Know Why Dad Was Protective of the Thermostat
  • This Tastes Like I'm Going to Shop Online Later
  • Maybe I Should Get Bangs
  • This Definitely Isn't Vodka
  • Plant Lady Is the New Cat Lady
  • This Drink Is on My To-Do List
  • Why Do All My Neighbors Own Chickens?
  • Business on the Top, Pajamas on the Bottom
  • This Notebook Will Fix My Life
  • One Drink for My Plants, One for Me
  • My Drink Coaster Is My TBR Pile
  • I Deserve a Little Treat

Pop Culture Funny Drink Names

Put those movie lines, songs, lyrics, and everything in between to use when garnishing your drink with a funny name.

Garnishing Your Drink With a Giggle

Cocktails make life better, or at least we think so. And a drink name that's catchy AND funny? That makes any cocktail that much better. It's science. Try a few of these for yourself and you'll see.

93 Funny Drink Names to Make Guests Laugh