76 Creative & Fun Spring Drink Names

Celebrate the season by giving your drink a fun spring-themed name.

Published March 5, 2023
spring drinks in the garden

Spring is slowly blooming outside of your window, maybe a little too slowly for some of us, but just because those buds haven't yet blossomed doesn't mean you can't plant the seed of a spring drink in your life. You can, of course, turn to a clover club or bramble to lean into the spring drink name idea. Or, you can give your drink the gift of spring with a name that'll be that missing piece of sunshine.

Classic Cocktails With a Spring Name

Just because these classic cocktails already come complete with a name and a recipe doesn't mean you need to use that recipe. Their names are spring enough as it is.

A Spring Cocktail Name With a Flowery Spin

Nothing screams spring more than buds, blossoms, and flowers. There's nothing subtle about the colors they bring to the world in spring.

Cocktail Names Buzzing With Spring

Just like the buzzing bees, these spring cocktails put the buzz words to use.

Funny Spring Drink Names

Spring makes everyone a little bit giddy: the fresh air, the warm weather, the sheer joy of green returning to your life.

Springing Into Action With the Perfect Drink Name

Springtime is fleeting - blink and you miss it. But, if you decide to lean into embracing those first few buds, the tiny crocus that begins to grow, the daffodil as it pushes dirt out of the way, spring lasts even longer. Especially as you open a window to let some fresh air in with a spring drink in hand.

76 Creative & Fun Spring Drink Names