Vodka-Infused Watermelon for a Refreshing Snack

Published May 2, 2022
vodka infused watermelon


  • 1 large watermelon
  • 750mL bottle vodka
  • Marker
  • Medium knife


  1. With the widest and flattest portion of the watermelon flat on the counter or table, firmly hold the watermelon or secure to the table using towels to keep it in place.
  2. Using the cap of the vodka bottle, outline the circumference of the cap using a marker.
  3. Carefully carve a hole the size and shape of the cap, cutting through to the center of the watermelon but not piercing the other side of the rind. Ensure the hole is wide enough but not too loose to secure the neck of the vodka bottle.
  4. Scoop out the flesh to make room for the neck of the vodka bottle.
  5. Spin the watermelon to angle the hole you cut towards you and angle it to the floor. With the cap still removed, insert the vodka bottle into the opening.
  6. Rotate the watermelon back to its original position, with the vodka bottle now fully inverted. Secure the watermelon using towels or tape to ensure it does not tip over.
  7. Allow the watermelon and vodka to sit for a minimum of 12 hours, but it can infuse for as long as 24 to 36 hours.
  8. Carefully tilt the watermelon to the side, removing the vodka bottle at an angle to avoid spilling any remaining vodka.
  9. Cut or cube the watermelon however you prefer, serving immediately or store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container for no more than two to three days.

Selecting a Vodka

Try to stick to a middle shelf when selecting a vodka to infuse into your watermelon. You don't need to bust your budget making a flavorful drunken watermelon, but do avoid the cheaper vodkas that are more burn than they are smooth. Titos, Ketel One, and Smirnoff are great vodkas to start with while learning the ropes.

Flavored Vodka-Infused Watermelon

vodka infused watermelon chunks

Give your watermelon even more of a boost by using flavored or infused vodka.

  • Use a lemon, orange, lime, or citron vodka for a soft citrus touch.
  • Punch up those fruit flavors even more with apple, pear, peach, coconut, or pineapple-infused vodka.
  • Opt for a berry-watermelon flavor with blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry-infused vodka.
  • Keep things smooth, sweet, and dessert-like with vanilla or whipped cream vodka.
  • Set your infused watermelon apart with basil vodka, and if you can't find one on the shelves, you can easily infuse your own.

Liquor-Infused Watermelon

Skip the vodka and easily infuse it with another spirit or liqueur.

  • Tequila, in addition to flavored or infused tequila such as coconut or pineapple jalapeño, makes for a great match with watermelon.
  • Rum, either spiced or coconut, adds a whole new layer of flavor and complexity to the drunken watermelon.
  • Experiment with honey, raspberry, or orange liqueur, but in smaller quantities as the sweetness could be overwhelming. You can even use the liqueur in combination with a spirit, such as plain vodka, tequila, or rum, with a ratio of 1:3.

Infused Other Melons

melon balls in a bowl

Whether you've run out of watermelon or a different melon speaks more to your soul, go ahead and infuse any of these mighty delicious melons. You also won't require as much vodka since these melons don't have as much weight, so you can use a 375mL or even 50mL bottle. Consider a honeydew, cantaloupe, muskmelon, or winter melon for your melon pick.

Serving and Enjoying Vodka-Infused Watermelon

You can serve your boozy watermelon in several ways. Like plain watermelon, there's really wrong way to enjoy it.

  • Slice it into triangles, enjoying it on the go as you work in the yard or flip through a book in the shade.
  • Cut it up in cubes or scoop in balls to enjoy with a small form or a cocktail skewer.
  • Slide several pieces onto a longer, traditional skewer to quickly plate at a party, making it an easy mobile snack.
  • Add an infused chunk to a drink as a cocktail garnish.

Boozy Watermelon for a Juicy Adult Treat

When you inevitably need to bring something to an adult BBQ, and you know your baking and cooking skills will be the downfall of your contribution, vodka-infused watermelon is here to save your day. But don't wait for an invitation to conjure up your boozy watermelon. There are no rules when it comes to biting into a drunken watermelon snack.

Vodka-Infused Watermelon for a Refreshing Snack