Boilermaker Drink Recipe for When You're Feeling Bold 

Published July 21, 2022
Refreshing Beer and a Shot



  1. In a shot glass, add whiskey.
  2. In a pint glass, add lager.
  3. Drop shot glass into lager.

Boilermaker Variations

So long as you have whiskey and a beer, there's a boilermaker drink recipe you can use.

  • Bourbon has a softer, more caramel profile, while rye has a sharper, spicy flavor.
  • Experiment with different types of beer, such as IPAs, pale ales, lagers, or stouts.
  • Give it a flavorful punch by using a homemade fruit-infused whiskey. Pick a softer flavor, such as apple-infused whiskey with a pale ale, a cherry-infused whiskey with a stout, or a lemon-infused whiskey with a lager.
  • Instead of dropping the shot glass into the pint glass, add the whiskey directly to the beer and sip. You can also sip the shot and beer side by side.

Should You Garnish a Boilermaker?

The boilermaker is one of those drinks that doesn't classically call for a garnish. Especially if you're dropping the shot glass into the pint glass, you don't want to have to contend with another object while drinking it. If you opt to pour your whiskey straight into the beer, a lemon wheel, slice or wedge would make for a nice garnish.

A Look at the Boilermaker

The boilermaker falls into the same category as a Jägerbomb, Irish slammer, or notorious bear fight. While this may not have the same amount of traction or notoriety as classic cocktails such as the daiquiri, old-fashioned, or gimlet, it's one that people have been swigging since the 1800s. Some think the drink gets its name for the miners and others for the boilers that worked on the trains, hence the name boilermaker. Workers would turn to the reprieve of a strong drink, enjoying a shot of whiskey while sipping a beer or mixing it all together.

A Bold Drink

The boilermaker is a bit tamer than an Irish slammer or Jägerbomb, as there's no need to consume the drink immediately or gulp it down. Whether you opt to pour your whiskey straight into your beer or drop the whiskey and shot glass in together, the boilermaker is a drink that'll add some bite to your life.

Boilermaker Drink Recipe for When You're Feeling Bold