12 Costco Meals That Will Please Even the Picky Eaters in Your Family

Say good bye to picky eaters with these Costco meal ideas that are great for the whole family!

Published March 28, 2023

There comes a time in every parent's life where frustration becomes a part of mealtimes. Your previously eager eater is now sticking their nose up at everything. You want your child to eat right, but sometimes just getting them to eat something seems like an accomplishment. The good news is that Costco has you covered! Throughout the store, parents can find quick, easy, and healthy Costco meals to make for even the most particular dinner attendees.

Fritattas & Greek Yogurt


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Costco's fridge and freezer section makes it easy for parents to provide their picky eaters with delicious options. They offer a handful of vegetable-filled frittatas and muffins by Veggies Made Great. These take mere minutes to make in the microwave, and they are made with ingredients that you will recognize.

Bump up the protein by grabbing some Greek Yogurt or their yogurt, nut, and granola mixes. For extremely picky eaters, grab some popsicle molds and sticks at the grocery and freeze the Greek yogurt for a fun and easy meal item!

Breakfast Sandwiches


Another Costco meal idea is their frozen breakfast sandwiches. They offer Jimmy Dean Delights that feature turkey sausage, cheese, and cage-free eggs positioned between two English muffin slices, or you can nix the carbs and grab one of their turkey sausage, and cheese egg 'wiches by Red's. These are packed with protein, contain simple ingredients, and they are guaranteed to fuel your kids through the start of their day!

Ham & Cheese Croissants


For a lighter meal that takes minutes to make, head over to the freezer section and pick up some Smoked Ham & Swiss Cheese Pockets by La Boulangerie. These require 10 minutes in the oven or one minute in the microwave. While slightly higher in fat content, these meat and cheese pockets are packed with protein, which ensures that your kids stay full for longer. Best of all, while the company has a fancy name, the ingredients are simple, making it more likely that your little ones will dig in!

Protein Waffles & Smoothies


Costco also sells Kodiak Cakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix. For those parents who are unfamiliar with this brand, every serving has 14 grams of protein, but only 3 grams of sugar. Did we also mention that you only need water and oil to make these delicious breakfast staples? Top with peanut butter, Nutella, fresh fruit, or honey, and you have yourself a solid meal with minimal prep or fuss!

Parents can elevate the meal even more by including a smoothie with the waffles. Costco sells frozen fruit and vegetable smoothie kits that are ready to throw in a blender. All you need is juice, milk, or water to pair with the individually packaged produce. Your kids will never know that they are eating kale and spinach thanks to the sweet taste of the blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and bananas.



Pizza isn't the healthiest option, but Costco offers customers a pizza making kit that you can customize! Found in the dry goods section of the store, this kit includes sauce and the crust. Parents can then grab their preferred cheese and some ground beef or rotisserie chicken. Finally, head on over to the produce section.

What kids don't know won't hurt them. Sautee up some peppers, yellow zucchini, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Then, throw these items into your blender or food processor. Mix the blend into your sauce, and suddenly this pizza becomes an extremely healthy dish that picky eaters won't be able to pick apart!

Chicken Street Tacos


The Chicken Street Tacos is another Costco prepared meal that includes the tortillas, pre-cooked meat, veggies, salsa, and a cilantro lime dressing. Most importantly, all these items are separate so you can build the tacos to your child's liking. Top this simple dish with some of Costco's shredded cheese from the refrigerator aisle, and you have a quick 15-minute meal!

Mac & Cheese


Rich and creamy macaroni and cheese is hard for anyone to resist! Parents can choose from the Costco ready-made meals or make their own using one of their boxed options. To make this meal a bit healthier, pick up one of Costco's $5 rotisserie chickens, shred the meat, and mix it into the macaroni before baking. Your kids will never know it's in their meal!

Enchilada Bake With Rotisserie Chicken


Enchiladas are a great dish that sneaks vegetables into your child's meal without them even realizing it. Best of all, you can throw chips into the mix, which is always a crowd pleaser. Yet another Costco ready-made meal, this is another container that simply sits in the oven for an hour, and dinner is served!

Chicken Alfredo


Pasta, chicken, and cheese. This is another classic choice that tends to please most picky eaters. Parents simply pop this Costco ready-made meal into the oven for one hour, and it's ready to serve! Head over to the bakery for a baguette or package of croissants to pair with this Italian staple.

Pasta Dishes


Pasta is another ideal choice for picky eaters, and Costo offers both frozen and freshly made options for busy parents on the go. Select from their extensive line of lasagnas, tortellinis, and sauces to make certain that your picky eater has a meal with ingredients they enjoy.



Costco also has a fantastic meat department where parents can grab some ground beef. However, if you're looking for as little prep as possible, you can also snag some pre-made patties from their frozen section. Not only do they offer Angus beef, but you can also find vegetarian options. For those who want a slightly healthier animal protein, chicken patties are another option.

Don't forget to head over to their bakery for buns! Then, grab cheese, your kid's favorite condiments, and pickles on your way out! This is a fantastic family meal idea because you can grab an array of options, but still stick to the same cooking surface, limiting your mess.

Consider the Color of Your Kids' Plates Before Serving


Most parents know that color, texture, and smell can all play a factor in their child's food preferences. What you may not realize is that their perception of the food can be impacted by their actual plate. Research shows that people are most turned off by foods served in and on red containers. In contrast, blue and white serve ware seems to prompt a willingness to try new things.

In other words, before you throw your hands up in frustration, consider changing the shade of their plate! It is certainly worth a try.

Make Mealtimes Easier With Costco Meals


Costo has both ready-made meals made fresh daily and an array of ingredients that parents can throw together with little effort. You can also head over to the fridge and freezer sections to select items to store for those exceptionally busy days.

These meals are available at most warehouses, but merchandise can vary slightly from store to store. Also, if you are looking for some more variety, consider perusing their deli section throughout the year. Costco makes seasonal options to help customers craft easy meals for holidays and celebrations as well.

12 Costco Meals That Will Please Even the Picky Eaters in Your Family