20 Unusual Pizza Toppings That Are Out of This World

No run-of-the-mill pizza for you. Some of these toppings may seem weird, but many will rock your pizza world.

Published January 25, 2023

The best night of the week, hands down, is pizza night. Yeah, taco night is pretty great, but there's all the chopping and the dripping and the cleaning.

Pizza night is where it's at. And when you're itching for a pizza that doesn't use your everyday ingredients (sometimes pepperoni just doesn't cut it), take a bite out of these unusual pizza toppings.

National Pizza Day is February 9. What kind of pizza will you be eating?

Banana Curry Pizza


You've probably had banana peppers on pizza, but straight-up bananas? That's kind of, well, bananas. Or maybe not.

If you're of the school that fruit doesn't belong on a pizza, buckle up. Banana, specifically banana curry pizza, is the stuff of dreams that you didn't even know could exist.

The traditional banana curry pizza, surprisingly from Sweden, calls for sliced banana and curry powder, but don't be afraid to add a little red onion to the mix. Skip the curry powder if that's just a step too far outside of the box, and add a tiny sprinkle of red pepper flakes, a pinch of chili powder, or even a dash of cinnamon.

Green Peas Pizza


Popular among pizza lovers in Brazil, green peas on pizza is a brilliant addition that takes no extra work on your part. Think of it as a great substitution for mushrooms, or a way to add vegetables to your pizza so you can say you ate something green today. Whatever it is, this savory, earthy topping is a must-try. Sneak this onto a veggie lovers' pie to get your toes wet.

Coconut Pizza


This coconut-topped pizza is one that'll send your tastebuds packing for paradise. The perfect way to push the envelope for those who totally believe pineapple belongs on pizza or those who love to slather hot honey on a slice, the sweetened, crispy, coconut pizza is the perfect salty, sweet, and satisfying taste.

And you know this goes beautifully with a little pineapple, some prosciutto, some shrimp, or even mango. Yes, mango. Turns out pineapple does belong on pizza after all.

Breakfast Pizza


College students know that pizza for breakfast is a thing - usually cold leftovers straight out of the fridge.

Pizza for breakfast is hard to beat, but what if you put some effort into making it more breakfasty? Think eggs, pork sausage, bacon - all super tasty breakfast foods in their own right that make the perfect non-leftover breakfast pizza.

And don't assume it needs to be only for breakfast. This is the perfect well-rounded brinner meal. Crack an egg on top for a runny yolk experience or use scrambled eggs. It's your favorite breakfast sandwich or burrito on a pizza.

Full English Breakfast Pizza


And speaking of breakfasty... you're right to be a little intimated by the idea of a full English breakfast on a pizza; that's a heavy meal before you even add pizza dough to the mix.

Grab your partner, grab your hungover friend, and start nibbling away. Don't skimp on the toppings. Like the "traditional" breakfast pizza (quotations fully necessary), you can enjoy this with a beer or a Bloody Mary.

Pineapple Pizza


Few pizza toppings cause arguments like pineapple. It's an unusual addition that divides friendships and families. Despite this familiar feud, the pineapple remains an unusual pizza topping, if only because of its notoriety. For those looking to flee the pineapple persecution, people from Oregon, Maine, and California all love this topping.

Kiwi Pizza


Just like the banana pizza, you can give the Swedes credit for this colorful and intriguing pizza topping. If you're scared (I know you are), start by adding just a few small pieces and not giant slices.

If you're in the no-fruit-on-pizza crowd, I'm going to suggest you skip this one.

Canned Tuna Pizza


The thunfisch pizza is a popular choice in Germany, of course with red onion. How did they get there? That remains a mystery. If it's not to your liking, there are plenty of other German foods (and beer!) to chase those flavors away.

Mockba Cold Fish Pizza


Do you love seafood? Do you love that first bite of cold, leftover pizza? Welcome, pizza friend, to Russian Mockba cold fish pizza. Mockba pizza has your usual dough, sauce, and maybe a little cheese, but nothing too salty. It's all topped with salmon, sardine, tuna, mackerel, and onions and served as cold as your ex's heart.

Squid and Shrimp Pizza


Perhaps less strange than many other pizza toppings, how about a pie topped with squid, shrimp, and a little squid ink? Most popular in Japan (you might find these at Pizza Hut there), you'll sometimes find squid ink mixed into the tomato sauce to take these unique pizza toppings to the next level.

Sardine Pizza


Equal parts myth, legend, and misunderstood, the sardine is an interesting pizza topping in the same way you give a sideways glance to someone who orders a liver and onions entrée. Yes, they're socially acceptable, but they're an acquired taste and not for the faint of heart.

Despite their fishy appearance, they don't need to be so daunting. Dice the sardines up, or bring them home already chopped, for a savory-ocean flavored topping.

Everything but the Sand Seafood Pizza


A little paella and a bit of whatever your favorite seafood is, including calamari and mussels, this is the compromise pizza. Or perhaps it's the no compromises pizza.

Scallops? Yes. Smoked salmon? Absolutely. Shrimp? Don't forget to toss it in some scampi sauce first. Clams? Friend, yes, clams. Whatever seafood makes your brain tingle with joy, it goes on this pizza. No matter how unusual.

Ph'o Pizza


Love ph'o? Put the broth down. But do grab all your favorite ph'o toppings! A little bit of red onion, thin jalapeño coins, some hoisin sauce, perhaps a marinated protein, rice noodles, all into the oven. Topped with rice noodles and greens just before serving. Yeah, I'm hungry now, too.

Kimchi Pizza


Homemade or store bought, this Korean dish of fermented cabbage may seem like a strange pizza topping, but after you've tried it once, you're not going to want to return to a life without it.

To make a kimchi pizza, toss the kimchi on before you cook the pie and top with bok choy. Whether you add that so it's warm or as a crunchy last-minute addition is up to you. Oh, and kimchi is loaded with antioxidants and is great for gut health. Win for the body, win for the tastebuds.

Loaded Potato Pizza


Mashed potatoes, bacon, green onions, cheese, sour cream. No, no pizza sauce. The mashed potatoes are your sauce. The sour cream and cheese are, well, your cheese. And your bacon and green onions are your toppings. Whatever you like to add to your baked potato, toss it onto a loaded potato pizza. Bite after blissful bite, it's worth every carb.

Pickles Pizza


Pickles? On pizza? I know you're drooling, especially if you're the one to steal everyone else's pickles like a hungry beach seagull. I am quite guilty of this. You'll find the dill pickle pizza atop a white sauce and with plenty of dill and garlic. Vampires won't bother you anymore.

BBQ Pizza


Pulled pork, grilled BBQ chicken, smoked brisket, ribs that you've pulled off the bone, toss 'em all on a pizza crust, with or without BBQ sauce and cheese. Seriously, though, don't add anything that requires you to navigate bones. This is a pizza worthy of the meat sweats.

Cheeseburger Pizza


Anyone craving a cheeseburger and a pizza? No? Just me? Nah - you want a cheeseburger pizza, too.

Follow your usual path for making a plain cheese pizza. But add in your preferred ground meat, chopped pickles, tomatoes, onion, bacon, whatever you usually stack onto your cheeseburger. Yes, this pizza topping flips the script where the burger goes from topped to topping. What could be more quintessentially American?

Pasta Pizza


All aboard the carb train! The only rules with this unusual pizza topping is matching the pasta sauce to your pizza sauce.

If you want to explore the unusual world of alfredo rigatoni pizza, use a white sauce. For those walking the road of vodka penne, use a red sauce on the pizza. Perfect for late-night snacking, pasta on pizza is unusual, but my goodness is this delicious. Word to the wise: skip the spaghetti-style noodles.

Apples and Onions With Goat Cheese Pizza


A yummy pizza topping that requires a sauceless design, spreadable goat cheese replaces the traditional tomato sauce. Topped with apples and onions, preferably caramelized (obviously), and then baked, this apple and onion pizza might walk the line of is it pizza or is this a miracle? Maybe less weird and more delicious, you'll love this sweet, savory, complex pie.

Pizza Toppings That'll Knock You off Your Feet


There's nothing better than a pepperoni pizza, a classic perpetual craving. On the other hand, there's something to be said about the odd pizza toppings waiting for you in your cabinets, around the corner, or across the world. Grab yourself a slice of something new, and you may discover it's not so weird after all.

20 Unusual Pizza Toppings That Are Out of This World