12 Best Low-Alcohol Wines Perfect for Weeknights

You won't whine about a Tuesday morning headache after Monday night wine with these low-alcohol options.

Published March 21, 2023
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It's a school night, and you want to bust open a bottle of wine. What you don't want is to get sidetracked by the internet when you finish off that second glass. You have actual things you need to get done. The answer isn't skipping the second glass of wine, not this time. The answer is one of our picks for the best low-alcohol wines.

Klean Cabernet


Only clocking in at 9% ABV, Klean cabernet sauvignon is also a low-calorie wine! With flavors of blackberry and cherry, it's for when you want something a little lighter, but you don't want to go light on the flavor.

Meiomi Bright Lower Alcohol Pinot Noir


Meiomi pinot noir is a stunning wine, but sometimes you don't want that indulgence on a weeknight. I get it. The Meiomi Bright lower-alcohol pinot noir only punches at 9% ABV, and you don't have to miss out on those signature Meiomi flavors.

Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Cabernet


A juicy red that's only 9% ABV, you'll find plenty of fruit flavors with in a glass of Sunny With a Chance of Flowers cab. Notes of blueberry, fig, and even blackberry round out the flavors, with just a hint of vanilla. Um, yes, please.

Cupcake Light Hearted Pinot Noir


Just 80 calories, minimal carbs, and only 8% ABV, Cupcake Light Hearted Pinot Noir is a juicy wine that has even less sugar than what you'd find in your usual hard seltzer. Reach for this when you want a strawberry-forward pinot noir with notes of plum and cherry.

Liberty Creek Sweet Red


Another excellent fruit-forward choice, you'll find flavors of berries in each sip - and each one finishes so very smooth. Liberty Creek Sweet Red will look just as great beside your homemade lasagna as it does next to the pizza you ordered, all for just 8% ABV.

Klean Pinot Grigio


A whopping 8.5% ABV, you'll find crisp green apple with notes of lime and pear waiting for you in the Klean pinot grigio. Oh, and the perfect amount of acidity to keep this from skewing sweet. I'll take two!

King Maui Lighter Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc


Don't miss out on New Zealand sauvignon blanc just because it's a Monday and you have a stacked week ahead of you. Fresh and crisp, tropical citrus and tart gooseberry make King Maui lighter sauvignon blanc a wine you may pick even when it's a Saturday.

Barefoot Bright and Breezy Chardonnay


A wine name that needs no introduction, Barefoot offers a lighter wine in the form of Bright and Breezy Chardonnay. Crisp, with peach and vanilla notes and a hint of green apple, you'll want to chill this bottle before cracking it open.

Kendall Jackson Low-Calorie Chardonnay


Low calorie AND low alcohol, the Kendall Jackson low-calorie chard is creamy. There's no need to look longingly at your bottle of oaky chardonnay, with a touch of vanilla and lemon meringue. You'll be singing the praises of those oak barrels as you enjoy this dreamy wine.

Relax Riesling


At 9.5% ABV, you sacrifice none of the flavors when you drink Relax riesling. But, riesling is naturally lower in alcohol than its other wine counterparts. Double the reason to give this a go, as you can enjoy a riesling how it's meant. Light-bodied with apple on the nose, you'll enjoy the soft hint of citrus on the palate.

Klean Rosé


The Klean rosé is floral, and this time you can rosé all day and night at only 8.5% ABV. Citrus acidity balances out the floral and red berry flavors you'll find in each glass.

First Press Ruby Red Grapefruit Rosé


First Press Ruby Red grapefruit rosé might be a staff member favorite, especially when that someone doesn't want their rosé to be overly sweet and cloying. Blended with ruby red grapefruit juice, it has that sharp citrus you'd want but with a soft, buttery finish.

Wine With a Little Less Kick


Enjoying wine AND getting things done? It is possible. Don't pick and choose between productivity and a glass of wine. Not anymore.

12 Best Low-Alcohol Wines Perfect for Weeknights