12 Best Wines for Sangria for a Perfect, Fruity Punch

Whether you're making a red wine sangria full of ruby fruit flavors or a refreshing white wine punch, we've got the perfect wine for your sangria.

Updated March 17, 2023
Red wine sangria

Any day is sangria day. Winter time? Red or white sangria. Spring time? White or red sangria. A day that ends in -y? Why not break out the rosé sangria. What we're saying is, it's always time for a glass of sangria, and these best wines for sangria will get you there.

Best Red Wine for Sangria

You'll want to steer clear of red wines that are sweet, especially since you'll be adding juicy fruit flavors and possibly brandy to your pitcher. You don't want a cloying red sangria.

red sangria


A beautiful Spanish wine, you'll find that Rioja is light and fruity. But it's definitely more light than juicy or sweet. It's perfect for when you want the sangria as a whole to be the star, and not the wine. Primarily made up of tempranillo grapes, you won't be surprised to see the next suggestion.


Although it's a Spanish grape, you'll find these grapes in wines throughout the world. Dry with that signature fruity undertone, it's the sangria's red wine. With notes of plum and vanilla and hint of herbs, this wine is a dream.


Hop a train to France to grab your next red wine for sangria. A hint of leather, it's dry with notes of strawberry. And, yes, this means you should make this into a red sangria with plenty of fresh strawberries and other berries.


Take a dive into a California zinfandel. A red wine with a full body, va-va-voom, it'll dial your red sangria flavors all the way up to ten. It's robust, it's jammy, and it's loaded with flavors of cinnamon, plum, and black cherry. Zinfandel is absolutely heavenly when you use this in your favorite red sangria recipe.


With spiced notes and tobacco permeating every sip of malbec, you can rely on this wine to deliver a smooth and earthy red wine sangria. Warming through the winter and the perfect smokey flavors for summer, it's a tart wine lover's dream.

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is the best table wine, according to personal preference, but it's a great choice for when you don't quite know the preferred wine flavors of those you'll be sharing red wine sangria with. Soft without losing any body, it's earthy with juicy blackberry. Pinot noir is perfect for sangria.


You can absolutely rosé all day with this fruity and floral wine in your sangria. Stick with the earthy, oaky rosés with notes of lemon or melon, skip the sweeter rosé wines this time. You'll be adding plenty of fruity flavors along the way. But if you do bring home a sweeter rosé, go ahead and balance it with a bit of grapefruit juice.

Best White Wines for Sangria

So you like white wine better because it means it won't stain if you spill it. Okay, plenty of other reasons to want to indulge in white sangria. Let's not talk about it and get down to picking one out.

white sangria

Pinot Grigio

You may also know this wine as Pinot Gris, but it is just as perfect for white sangria with any name. You'll find notes of peaches and apples, while still having soft citrus notes that are crisp and clean. It's perfect for mixing up with citrus juices and orange liqueur into a sangria.

Sauvignon Blanc

Hands down, the crispest and driest wine you can swirl into a pitcher to make sangria, sauvignon blanc is the best white wine to keep on hand. With stony minerality and a hint of grass, it's almost tropical with stone fruit flavors, but without the underlying sweetness.

Grenache Blanc

Rich and full-bodied, you'll have notes of pear, honeysuckle, and buttery brioche. It's the wine for when you want chardonnay, but you also want sangria. Far from sweet, it's crisp with a lime zest forward flavor and, of course, that juicy, ripe pear.


With a bold profile of acidity and minerality, you can transform a white wine sangria in any direction with verdejo. Orange peels and soft apricot notes make up the flavors you'll find in this wine. Honeydew, white peach, and grapefruit peel shine through and right into your sangria.

Chenin Blanc

Notes of apple and pear pop in chenin blanc, and chamomile weaves through each sip. It's soft enough for those who claim they just can't find a white wine sangria they like and juicy enough for those who want their sangria to make a statement. You get the best of both worlds.

Sippin' on Sangria

A pitcher of sangria is the picture-perfect way to spend the day - or night! Red, white, or rosé, these are the wines that'll make your sangria the best sangria.

12 Best Wines for Sangria for a Perfect, Fruity Punch