8 Best Chilean Sea Bass and Wine Pairings

Published August 2, 2022
Sea Bass and white wine dinner

A flaky and tender piece of Chilean sea bass seared in a pool of butter with crispy capers is a dinner you soon won't forget. Wondering what wine to pair with sea bass? There are a couple Chilean sea bass wine pairings that will really make you swoon.

Chilean Sea Bass Wine Pairings

The fatty and tender fish is amazing any way it's prepared. With its high fat content and firm texture, you want to pair a wine that will bring good acidity to the party, yet can play into the meaty texture of the fish. Whites are the obvious choice because they don't have the tannins that red wines have, which can clash with many types of fish and cause off flavors. It's also best to avoid overtly oaked whites as they can overwhelm the delicate flavors of the fish.

Sea Bass Wine Pairing infographic

Pinot Grigio

A high-quality pinot grigio has good acidity with notes of lemon zest, peach, almond, honeysuckle, and a crushed gravel minerality. The zesty vibe pairs beautifully with sea bass, whether grilled or pan-seared.


A Loire Valley sauvignon blanc has got that bright acidity and is full of gooseberry, citrus fruit, flint, and barely ripe melon. It's light and dry and cuts through the flakey fish perfectly.


This stunning salty wine from the island of Sardinia in Italy is made for fish. The vineyards on the rocky island soak up the Mediterranean Sea breeze and exude notes of salty grapefruit, lime, white peach, and almond. This goes particularly well with a seasoned grilled sea bass.


Albariño is another wine that plants its original roots close to the ocean. It's light with ripping acidity and layers of stone fruit, honeydew melon, and lemon zest with a mouth watering salinity. A simply prepared pan-seared sea bass topped with a handful of fresh herbs is a great pairing for this wine.

Vinho Verde

This mildly effervescent Portuguese wine was destined to be paired with fish. The zesty citrus notes are pleasantly sharp against the flakey pieces of white fish, while the delicate aromas and notes of white blossom add complexity to the pairing.


This dry and light Loire Valley white has bright acidity and that babbling brook minerality, making it a great match for sea bass. Notes of green pear skin, green apple, lemon, and crushed shell are sharp on the palate and cut through the meaty fatty nature of the fish.


This Spanish white has a light body full of citrus, stone fruit, and a distinct herbaceous characteristic. If cooking your sea bass alongside a medley of grilled vegetables, this is the perfect wine to complement the meal and mimic flavors of fennel and courgette throughout.


A lean and unoaked chardonnay, Chablis is distinct with sea flavor from the crushed oyster shells that litter the vineyards. Its zippy acidity, salinity, and unique notes of quince, lime zest, green apple, and white blossom make for a compelling pairing with sea bass prepared any way.

Think Acid for Pairing Wine With Sea Bass

A high-acid white that really brings some life to the pairing is what you really want when matching wine with sea bass. So, the next time you find yourself cooking this flaky fish, search out one of these wines for a light and fresh pairing that will have all your neighbors looking for an invite.

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8 Best Chilean Sea Bass and Wine Pairings