7 Places to Buy Christmas Wine Glasses

Updated October 3, 2019
Holiday Table Setting with red and clear wine glasses

The key to a sparkling holiday table is a set of beautiful Christmas wine glasses. Whether you need something fun and casual or festive and elegant, check out these decorative options. They are perfect for serving wine with Christmas dinner or at any other holiday event.

1. Bed, Bath, and Beyond for Holiday Jewel Tones

Mixing red and green glassware is a great way to create a gorgeous and modern holiday look. You can't go wrong with the options from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, where you'll find the Qualia Meridian Collection in green and rouge red. These beautiful glasses feature clear crystal stems and deep red or green bowls. You can choose from several styles, including red wine, white wine, and champagne. They retail for about $50 for a set of 4 or either color. To mix and match, you'll need at least two sets.

2. Lenox for Classic Christmas Elegance

If you love a traditional Christmas table, you'll enjoy the holiday wine glass options from Lenox. Think pretty holly motifs, gold rims, and classic long stems. There's also a stemless version if you prefer. You can even buy china to match if you want a coordinated look. For a more understated take, use simple, solid-colored dishes instead. A set of four wine glasses retails for about $40, making these a surprisingly affordable upscale option.

Lenox Holiday Balloon Glasses
Lenox Holiday Balloon Glasses

3. Macy's for Casual Stemless Glasses

You might not think of Macy's as a place to shop for casual glassware, but they have some adorable options for holiday wine glasses. If you're looking for something stemless with a funny holiday message, you'll love the Holiday Sayings Collection. Perfect for a girl's night of gift wrapping or a casual gathering with friends, these glasses sport sayings like, "Presents speak louder than words." They are adorable and affordable and about $50 for a set of four.

Holiday Sayings Sentiments Stemless Wine Glasses
Holiday Sayings Sentiments Stemless Wine Glasses

4. Crate & Barrel for Modern Holiday Style

If your personal style is more modern than traditional, Crate & Barrel is the place to look for some gorgeous holiday wine glasses. Think stemless options with upbeat holiday messages or snowflakes decorating their smooth glass sides. Prices are affordable with a set of four retailing for about $30. You can also buy some styles individually at about six dollars apiece.

5. Pfaltzgraff for Festive Red and Green Patterns

Pfaltzgraff offers several styles of wine glasses in their gorgeous Winterberry Collection. Featuring ruby red glass stems and a pattern of green leaves and red berries on clear glass bowls, these glasses will charm everyone at your table. You can choose from stemless glasses, standard ruby wine glasses with and without stems, and even glasses with holiday sentiments. There are dishes to match too if you're interested in a coordinated look. A set of four glasses retails for about $25.


6. Neiman Marcus for Playful Christmas Styles

Neiman Marcus has a wonderful selection of holiday styles with a playful twist. You'll find clear glasses with applied red glass polka dots, reindeer-themed glasses, and even some wonderful hand-painted Santa glasses. There are options with and without stems. Prices vary, but many options retail from about $50 per glass.

7. Etsy for Handmade Holiday Wine Glasses

If you prefer a handmade touch, you can find some absolutely lovely options on Etsy. This is a great place to get personalized wine glasses or custom designs too. Many are stemless, but traditional stemmed glasses are also available. There are glitter designs, hand-painted glasses, and many more unique options. You'll find many options start at about six dollars per glass.

So Many Charming Designs

No matter what style of Christmas wine glass you're looking for, there's a store that has just what you need. Your guests will be amazed by the charming design you choose for your Christmas party, holiday wine tasting, or other event.

7 Places to Buy Christmas Wine Glasses