Finding Colored Wine Glasses in Beautiful Styles

Updated December 23, 2019
Colored Wineglasses

Colored wine glasses can add decorative flare to a beautiful table setting. While they aren't the ideal option for a wine tasting or a party where wine is featured and guests need to observe the color, they are lovely for a festive occasion.

Macy's Colorful Wine Glasses

Macy's offers an array of colorful wine glasses in a variety of styles including etched, stemmed, and stemless. For example, the Godinger blush wine glasses have lovely pink color bowls and cost $45 for a set of four. The Spode Kingsley stemless glasses cost $84 for a set of four and come in a beautiful purple shade. These glasses are perfect for a bridal shower or a luncheon.

Kingsley Stemless Wine Glass
Kingsley Stemless Wine Glass

Colored Wine Glasses

At Bed, Bath & Beyond you'll find the Certified International wine glasses. The glasses come in red, green, gold, or gray and cost $80 for a set of eight. These festive glasses are beautiful for holiday celebrations.

Artisan and Vintage Wine Glasses at Etsy

At Etsy, you'll find beautiful, colorful decorative wine glasses made by artisans. You will also find colorful vintage and antique wine glasses. There's sure to be glasses here to suit any occasion or decorator style.

Carnival Color Wine Glasses

At Amazon, you can find a set of 6 10-ounce wine glasses for $30. These glasses have clear bowls and colorful stems, so they're perfect for allowing your guests to still see a wine's color while adding your own personal flare. The colored stems can also help guests to remember which glass is theirs, eliminating the need for wine glass charms.

Carnival Color Wine Glass
Carnival Color Wine Glass

Multi-Color Ombre Stemless Wine Glasses

At UncommonGoods, you'll find a beautiful set of 6 colorful ombre stemless glasses in various colors for $85. The glasses are made from recycled glass, handmade by artisans. These are perfect for casual gatherings.

Brightly Colored Outdoor Wine Glasses

For a patio or garden party, or for any other outdoor entertaining, choose these shatterproof polyester colorful wine glasses from Wine Enthusiast. You'll get a set of 12 glasses in three colors (pink, blue, and yellow) for $85. They're the perfect summer time picnic wine glasses.

Rainbow Wine Goblets

Add a little magic to your next wine serving occasion with gorgeous rainbow wine goblets from Target. For about $30, you'll get a set of four 14-ounce rainbow colored glasses sure to delight your guests.

Rainbow Goblet Glasses
Rainbow Goblet Glasses

Reidel O Happy O Colorful Stemless Wine Glasses

Even Reidel is getting in on the colorful wine glass trend. These stemless glasses have just a touch of spring color at the bottom of the bowl. Cost is $69 for a set of four glasses.

Waterford W Elegant Wine Glasses

Waterford has beautiful colored crystal wine glasses in their "W" series. You'll find glasses in sky (blue), shale (gray), heather (violet), and fern (green). The cost is $195 per pair. These are perfect for elegant occasions and dinner parties.

Using Colorful Wine Glasses

Colorful wine glasses are beautifully decorative. While many wine purists prefer to only serve wine in clear crystal so they can observe the color of the wine, there's no reason you can't serve all types of wine in colored glasses.

  • Use them to accent colors in your plates.
  • They look beautiful on an elegant table set with a plain white cloth.
  • Consider accenting the colors in your wine glasses with a floral centerpiece or a decorative table runner.
  • For parties, using glasses of varied colors makes it easier for guests to identify their glasses if they set them down.

Bring on the Color

Regardless of the occasion, using colorful wine glasses can add a beautiful decorative touch to your table settings. With so many to choose from, there's sure to be an elegant, colorful wine glasses to suit your personal tastes and décor.

Finding Colored Wine Glasses in Beautiful Styles