4 GE Wine Chiller Models for Your Home

Updated December 16, 2019
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If you want to keep your wine at the perfect temperature, the market is crowded with a number of wine refrigerators from various manufacturers including GE Appliances. GE doesn't make a wide variety of wine chiller models, but those they do make are generally well-received by consumers.

GE Profile 24-Inch Wine Center (PCR06WATSS)

AJ Madison lists this unit as their top rated GE wine refrigerator. It has a 57 bottle capacity for $1,450, which is about $25 per bottle for long-term storage. The wine racks slide out and are fronted with beechwood and a tinted glass door. It can be installed under the countertop with a 34.125-inch height (H), 25-inch depth (D), and 23.75-inch width (W) with seven full-extension racks. It also has interior lighting and adjustable temperature control. Reviewers call it attractive, quiet, and easy to install. If you hold bottles for five to six years, then this fridge will only cost about $5 per year per bottle for storage, so it's a good model for people who have limited space and purchase bottles to hold for a few years.

GE 125 Can/31 Bottle Beverage and Wine Center (GVS04BQNSS)

This wine and beverage cooler is Best Buy's top rated GE model. It replaces the GE Profile 29 bottle wine cooler, which is no longer available. Reviewers like the versatility of this wine fridge, which has adjustable shelves for storing wine bottles or beverage cans. They also like how it looks, calling it "stylish" and "attractive". The fridge is a freestanding unit that's 31-inches (H) by 19 inches (W) by 20.34 inches (D). It holds 31 750 mL bottles and costs $550, so the cost of storage is about $18 per bottle. It also holds up to 125 standard sized cans. The hinge is reversible, and it has one cooling zone. This is a great fridge for casual wine drinkers who want perfect temperature wines and also like to be able to use additional fridge space to hold beverage cans.

GE Wine Center (GWS04HAESS)

This space-efficient refrigerator holds 30 bottles of wine, or a combination of bottles and cans, and it costs $570. That's $19 per bottle for storage costs. It has five interior racks and a stainless steel door, along with electronic controls. The beverage center can be a free-standing GE wine cooler or a built-in fridge. Dimensions are 22.5 inches (D), 31.5 inches (H) and 18.865 inches (W). Lowes' reviewers call it attractive and note it meets their needs as a wine fridge or beverage chiller. It's a good unit for people with several bottles of wine that they'd like to keep protected for up to 10 years.

Monogram Stainless Steel Wine Reserve (ZDWR240HBS)

GE Monogram has rebranded simply as Monogram, and it represents GE's high-end appliances. This GE Monogram wine refrigerator is 34.5 inches (H) by 23.75 inches (W) by 23.75 inches (D). It holds 57 wine bottles and costs around $2,200, so cost per bottle storage is around $39 per bottle, making this a good refrigerator for high-end collectors without room for a wine cellar who have several bottles of fine wines they wish to hold safely for many years. The fridge has seven wood fronted racks and red and white wine temperature settings.

Troubleshooting Your GE Wine Refrigerator

If your wine fridge isn't cooling your wines, then it may need a repair or even replacement. If the fridge is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer per the instructions that came with your fridge. If you do decide to explore the inner workings of your wine cooler to see what might be broken, be sure to unplug it first and put your wine some place where it won't heat or cool too quickly. Some issues often responsible for fridge malfunctions include:

  • Fan and fan motor malfunctions
  • Fans clogged with dust and dirt needing cleaning
  • Overly warm room temperature
  • Poor fridge ventilation
  • Broken thermostat

Unless you are handy, it's probably best to contact GE or the appliance center where you purchased your wine chiller for repair.

Great Multi-Purpose GE Wine Fridges

GE has moved mostly away from the refrigerators made specifically for wine and now focuses more on a beverage center that cools other beverages as well. This adds additional versatility for casual wine drinkers who wish to keep special wines safe but don't want to waste the unused space.

4 GE Wine Chiller Models for Your Home