How to Hold a Wine Glass 'Properly'

Published June 23, 2022
Women's hand holding a glass of red wine

Seriously? Does how you hold your wine glass really affect your experience? For the most part, nah, it doesn't. You can drink your wine from a red solo cup if that's your vibe. But, if you're feeling old-school classy and want to walk into the room with your glass positioned just so, here's how to hold a wine glass.

How to Hold a Wine Glass

If you've got a normal wine glass, there are a few ways to position your thumb and fingers at the stem and around the base. Pinching the glass at the stem is one option. Your thumb and index finger come together, while the rest of your fingers curl under and rest naturally. Another option is pressing the stem between your thumb and index finger while the rest of your fingers casually fall to the base of the glass, uncurled.

Hands of women toasting with glasses of white wine

There are also ways to hold the glass at its base which can feel extra posh. With your thumb on top of the base, you can balance it between the rest of your fingers curled below. If you're looking to come across like a regular wine connoisseur, stick to only holding it by the stem, base, or some combination of the two.

Woman pouring wine in glass

How to Hold a Champagne Glass

If you've got your bubbly in a flute, you can hold the glass in a similar fashion to a regular wine glass, either at its stem or base. Alternatively, you can hold a Champagne flute at its rim. The narrow opening allows for you to easily place your thumb and index finger at the very top. Most people find this to be a sturdy way to hold a flute. Keep in mind though, to make sure your hands are clean as you will be touching the rim of the glass where you're sipping from.

How Not to Hold a Wine Glass

Gripping the bowl of the glass isn't quite the classy look you're going for. It also prematurely warms up a wine with your body heat. Also avoid clutching the glass at its stem with your entire fist. This is actually a less steady way to keep your drink upright, and it also has that kind of bull in a china shop look to it.

How to Hold a Stemless Wine Glass

If you are drinking out of a stemless wine glass, it's really no different from a normal glass you'd have water in, so do what you know. If you are hanging around a surface to place your stemless glass, do. Especially if you're drinking something that has been chilled. The less you cup and hold the glass, the longer the wine will stay at the proper drinking temperature.

You Do You

There are no real rules when it comes to how to hold a wine glass, and if someone tells you otherwise, it may be eye-roll worthy... the most important thing is that you hold it in a way you feel comfortable and have the least chance for spilling.

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How to Hold a Wine Glass 'Properly'