How Long Does Boxed Wine Last, Opened or Unopened?

Published June 21, 2022
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Boxed wine. It's what you reach for when that non-exclusive family gathering rolls around or for that picnic pot-luck at the park. It's non-breakable, easy to transport, and there is plenty to go around. But when it comes to keeping iy for more than that one night event, many people are left wondering, how long does boxed wine last? Is this stuff still good?

How Long Does Boxed Wine Last?

Just like wine in a glass bottle, boxed wine has a shelf life and is prone to oxidation over time. While a glass bottle protects a wine from oxidation pretty well, wine in a plastic bag micro-oxygenates a bit more easily. Unopened boxed wine should be enjoyed within 6 months. Your boxed wine may even have an expiration date, so check for one when you buy it. Like many other wines, it doesn't have the structure to age with grace and is really intended to be enjoyed at release--meaning you shouldn't let a carton of it linger in your pantry for too long. Prior to opening, aim to keep your boxed wine at a consistent cool temperature to help preserve its fresh character.

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How Long Boxed Wine Lasts After Opening

Once opened, plan to drink the wine within two weeks. Boxed wine will oxidize easily once opened as it comes in contact with more oxygen. To help slow this process, keep your boxed wine in the fridge. If you are nearing the bottom of the bag, you could transfer it to a smaller container to eliminate some exposure to oxygen and store it more easily in a full refrigerator.

Mini Tetra Paks of wine are a fun and easy way to take an adult juice box portion of wine on-the-go. These Tetra Paks of wine are best within a few days of opening. Generally speaking, the Tetra Paks come in smaller sizes, and a half pack won't sit around for too long.

Plan to Drink It

So, if you are buying a big box, don't plan on carting it around with you all summer. Rather, open it with company and enjoy it on a night you invite a handful of neighbors over to grill. Remember, if you have some left, keep it in the fridge to help it maintain its fresh characteristics and plan to drink it within a few weeks.

How Long Does Boxed Wine Last, Opened or Unopened?