How to Celebrate National Wine Day 

Published October 3, 2022
Five people drinking wine in a gathering

There are a lot of national this and that days filling the calendar. Of all of them, National Wine Day is one you don't want to miss. It's a fun opportunity to gather a group of friends, pop a few special bottles, and celebrate the drink we all know and love. Glorious, glorious wine.

Mark Your Calendars to Celebrate National Wine Day

National Wine Day is May 25 each year. While you don't exactly need a reason to open a bottle and enjoy a glass of wine, National Wine Day is a fun occasion to celebrate with a special bottle, wine tasting, or group of friends that will make for a memorable May 25th for years to come. Wine lovers can really embrace the day and make the most of it.

Couple drinking wine outdoors while man is pouring it into a glass

Choose a Special Bottle

If you've had a particularly interesting bottle lingering around your stash for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to open it. Whether it's a lively pét-nat or an aged pinot, there is great anticipation in opening an exciting wine. It's reminiscent of a kid on Halloween - but the adult version. If your personal wine cellar is looking a little sparse, hit your local bottle shop and choose one or two wines that will make for an exciting day. Go for a famous producer, an unknown grape varietal, a favorite region. That splurge bottle you've wanted to try? Go for it.

Host a Wine Tasting Party

What better occasion to host a wine tasting party at home than National Wine Day? This can be as casual or bougie as you want to make it. A group of wine-loving friends, a handful of fun bottles, and a picnic of charcuterie in the sun is darn close to perfect. If you want to make a whole big thing of it, choose a theme, set the stage with all the right stemware, and really delve into those adjectives on the wine wheel for a serious wine night.

Friends having fun drinking wine at winery vineyard

Hit a Fab Wine Bar

With the plethora of good natural wine bars spanning the country, hitting an old favorite or discovering a new gem is a guaranteed good night. A good by-the-glass list allows you to dabble in bubbles, orange, and red - working your way from Veneto to the Jura all in an evening. From New York City to Seattle, these wine bars and wine shops are popping off.

Drink to May 25th

A good glass of wine is truly something special. So break out the good glasses, or Mason jars (to each their own) and cheers on May 25th in celebration of this brilliant beverage on National Wine Day.

How to Celebrate National Wine Day