Wine Glass Charms to Make or Buy

Updated December 23, 2019
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Wine glass charms are small decorations, much like charms on a bracelet, made to fit around the stems of your wine glasses. They serve several purposes. They can help round out a theme, such as a wedding shower or themed party, and while allows guests to keep up with their glass in case they set it down and walk away. As long as your guest remembers which charm he had, he can easily tell his glass from another.

Choosing Wine Glass Charms

Wine charms come in a variety of styles, materials, and price ranges. You can find wine glass charms almost everywhere, from wine stores to department stores. However, if you want the largest selection spend a few hours looking online for the best selection and deals.

Inexpensive Wine Charms

The least expensive charms are made of cylindrical pieces of paper with a slice through one side to the center. They usually are decorated with grape designs or some other wine theme. The ring slips around the stem of the glass. You write the guests' names on the little disc. At large parties, such as weddings, these discs are a low-cost item that can save on the number of glasses you need. If someone loses a glass at a large gathering and they can't tell which one is theirs, they often get a new one. This means you have to have enough glasses to handle extras or take time to wash. It also wastes wine, since there are a bunch of half full abandoned glasses sitting around. Another use for these paper charms is using them during wine tastings. Just label each glass with the vintage and other important information.

Find these charm tags at online sites such as:

  • Wine Compliments sells inexpensive paper charms at just $5 for a pack. Packs contain 20-25 charm tags. You can choose from designs such as grapevines, fall leaves, wine bottles, snowmen, Santa, golf, phrases, and even classic white.
  • Get a set of Oenophilia wine glass tags from Amazon at under $20 for 100 tags. These are perfect if you frequently host wine tastings or are planning a large party or event.

Themed Wine Glass Charms

Charms that are in the affordable but not cheap category are the light, colored stamped metal charms. These are often stamped into fanciful themed shape. The themes can be anything from flowers to sports. Themed charms are attached to a small ring with an opening in it. The opening allows the ring to fit around the stem of the wine glass and the charm dangles on the base. You can also find wine charms that are decorated with beads and other accents. There are many themed charms to check out and add to your collection.

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Sterling Wine features a large selection of charm sets priced around $20 in fun themes such as:

Pewter Charms

If you prefer a bit of luxury, you may want to consider a wine charm done in pewter. These charms are made like the stamped metal charms, except they tend to be more molded and have more details. For those looking for something special, consider the following pewter options:

Make Your Own Charms

Making your own charms allows you to have the most unique glass jewelry available anywhere. They are not difficult at all and take very little time. In fact, if your party is on the casual side you can buy the materials and allow your friends to make their own to use and then take home as party favors. You should be able to find the materials at any craft store.

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How to Make Wine Charms

You will need:

  • One inch hoops with a slit, these are often found as earrings
  • Beads in a variety of colors
  • Small charms
  • Other decorations
  • Pliers

To make the charms:

  1. Arrange the beads and charms on the wire hoops.
  2. Create an open hook on each end of the hoop.
  3. Hook the two open hooks together to make a complete circle around the glass and hold the beads on.

Wine Glass Charm Alternatives

If you want something that's easier to see than a tiny charm, then consider some of the following alternatives to wine glass charms.

  • Stem wraps spiral bright colors around the stem for quick and easy identification of your wine glass.
  • Emoji charms stick to your wine glass with a suction cup, and you can use them on stemless wine glasses.
  • Wine-Os are small, merino wool discs that fit around the stem of a wine glass.
  • Silicon wine makers are brightly colored and can perch on the rim of the glass, so they work for stemless glasses.

Keep It Fun

The charms can add a bit of fun and whimsy to your next party, no matter how elegant or casual it is. Delight your guests with their names or a symbol of their hobby on the wine charms to keep your parties cutting edge.

Wine Glass Charms to Make or Buy