10 Rarest & Most Valuable Canadian Pennies Worth a Mint

Canada may not make pennies anymore, but some are pretty valuable. Hang on to these rare pennies instead of turning them in at the bank!

Published March 29, 2023
Hundreds of Canadian pennies

Even though their face value is only one cent, some of the rarest Canadian pennies can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Before you toss those pennies in your coin jar or drive them to the bank, take a sec to look at them a little more closely. You might just find that your pocket change is worth a fortune - or at least more than a few cents.

Fast Fact

Because it was getting more expensive to produce pennies and consumer needs were changing, the Royal Canadian Mint stopped distributing them in 2013. The last new penny was minted in 2012, and the Canadian government began collecting pennies to melt down.

List of Rare Canadian Pennies Worth Money

Before you use your older Canadian coins as regular money (no matter which side of the border you live on), it's a good plan to check them over. Some, such as the 1943 Canadian penny, aren't especially valuable, but others can be worth a lot. The Canadian penny value chart here is in US dollars.

Canadian Penny Value
1936 Dot Canadian Penny up to $402,000
1858 Canadian Large Cent up to $21,000+
1887 Victoria Cent up to $17,000+
1859 Narrow 9 Canadian Penny up to $11,000+
1953 Canadian Penny up to $3,200+
1925 Canadian Penny up to $2,700
1921 Canadian Penny up to $2,700
1922 Canadian Penny up to $1,900+
1955 Canadian Penny up to $1,900+
1940 Newfoundland Penny up to $1,800

1858 Canadian Large Cent

1858 Canadian Large Cent

The 1858 large cent is one of the rarest Canadian pennies out there, especially in near mint condition. These older pennies were made in London and are larger in size than their more modern counterparts. One pristine example sold for more than $21,000 in 2019.

1859 Narrow 9 Canadian Penny

Victoria Cent 1859

Minting errors are often valuable with any coin, and the 1859 "narrow 9" Canadian penny is no exception. The dies for stamping the coin are slightly doubled on the date, except for the number 9. In excellent condition, one sold for over $11,000 in 2010.

1887 Victoria Cent

Victoria Cent 1887

Although 1.5 million 1887 Canadian cents were minted, they are incredibly rare in near-mint condition. Old pennies tend to be more valuable than newer ones, and if you can find them in great shape with crisp details, they can be worth a lot. An 1887 Canadian penny in excellent shape with Queen Victoria on it sold for more than $17,000 in 2010.

1921 Canadian Penny

George V Specimen Cent 1921

Even though the Royal Canadian Mint made 7.6 million pennies in 1921, this is one of the rarest pennies you're going to find in your Canadian change. There just aren't that many still around, especially in good condition. They can sell for between a few dollars and more than a thousand, depending on their condition. One very crisp example sold for almost $2,700 at auction in 2019.

1922 Canadian Penny

George V Cent 1922

With about 1.2 million minted, this is a rarer penny than the 1921 issue. It's also nearly impossible to find in great condition. Worn coins might sell for $15, but those with nice details and clear print are worth way more. One sold in 2019 for over $1,900.

1925 Canadian Penny

George V Cent 1925 MS65 Red and Brown

With only just over 1 million minted, this is one of the rarest Canadian pennies in terms of its original quantity. Add to that the time that's passed, and they are super hard to find in good shape. Even a worn example is worth a few dollars, but a near-mint example sold for almost $2,700 in 2019. Look for crisp details that make it easy to read the small print on the coin.

1936 Dot Canadian Penny

George V Cent 1936

An extremely rare coin featuring King George VI, this penny was actually struck in 1937 even though the date says 1936. There's a crisp dot just under the date on this super rare coin. One example in mint condition sold for about $402,000 in 2010.

1940 Newfoundland Penny

George VI Specimen Cent 1940

Watch for pennies from Newfoundland before it joined Canada in 1949, since these can be valuable. The standard 1940 Canadian penny value isn't super high, since more than 85.7 million were minted that year. The 1940 Newfoundland pennies, however, are harder to find in good condition. One with beautiful details sold in 2017 for almost $1,800.

1953 Shoulder Fold Canadian Penny

Elizabeth II 6-Piece Certified Prooflik

The 1953 Canadian penny isn't super valuable or rare, but there are some rare variations to watch for. These have to do with the details on Queen Elizabeth's dress. If the Queen has a shoulder strap or shoulder fold on her dress, the penny is rarer, selling for about $60 depending on the condition. A set of 1953 Canadian coins in proof condition with the shoulder strap on the penny sold for over $3,200 in 2019.

1955 No Shoulder Fold Canadian Penny

Elizabeth II No Shoulder Fold Cent 1955

Although there were more than 56.4 million 1955 Canadian pennies minted, the no shoulder fold version is actually really rare. Grab your magnifying glass and look for that strap or fold on Queen Elizabeth's gown. If it's not there, it may be worth $125 or more. One sold for over $1,900 in 2019.

Quick Tip

There are lots of factors that can affect the value of coins, but certain years of Canadian pennies are more likely to be valuable. Watch for anything from before 1925, as well as pennies from the 1950s. If you have something in great condition, it's definitely worth looking into it.

Store Coins Carefully to Preserve Them

If you have Canadian pennies, think twice before turning them in to a bank to be melted down. They aren't being made anymore, so even if they aren't a rare or valuable year, they might be worth something in the future. If they're in great condition, store your coins carefully to keep them that way. You never know if you might be preserving a treasure for future generations.

10 Rarest & Most Valuable Canadian Pennies Worth a Mint