7 Avon Collectible Bottles Worth Thrifting

Don't turn your nose up at these vintage perfume and cologne bottles from Avon.

Published April 26, 2023
Perfume bottles in summery colors

Before LuLaRoe cracked open the world of multi-level marketing schemes, our parents were hawking cosmetics and dinnerware for decades. In a way, Avon was the first of its kind, and it was insanely popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Revisit that powdery nostalgia for sweet scents and powerful colognes with the most valuable Avon bottles and decanters your parents or grandparents just might have tucked away at the back of their bathroom cabinets.

Most Valuable Avon Collectible Bottles

In 1886, traveling book salesman David H. McConnell met a national demand for perfume samples by mixing his own scents and creating the company, Avon. Years later, Avon would offer a mix of beauty, cosmetics, and home goods that people could purchase, but in its infancy, they focused on fragrance.

Taking it back to where it all started are these highly valuable and collectible vintage Avon perfume/cologne bottles. Some with scents you probably recognize and others you've never even heard of.

Vintage Avon Bottles Recent Sales Prices
1930s Mickey Mouse $358.50
1970s Small World Collection $177.50
1980s Little Blossom "Whisper" $157.50
1980s Little Blossom "Daisy Dreamer" $81
1970s Chess Set $65.99
1970s Zodiac Star Sign Set ~$60
1970s Moonwind $50

1930s Mickey Mouse Cologne

Mickey Mouse Cologne Bottle Figurine with Spring Legs

Sex sells well, but Disney sells better. Anything from Disney in its earliest years (1920s-1940s) sells incredibly well to Disney collectors. Even in its beginnings, Walt Disney was smart enough to start merchandising and licensing his characters to all sorts of brands. Avon was one of these early adopters.

One of Avon's most valuable cologne bottles to date is this spring-legged Mickey Mouse. Dated to the 1930s with a pie-eyed Mickey design, this bottle sold in 2006 for $358.50 through Heritage Auctions.

1970s Disney's 'Small World" Bottles

Avon small world cologne

Rounding out the top two most valuable collectible Avon bottles on the market is the company's 1970s Disney "Small World" collection. Eight of these beauty bottles were made, each one in the visage of one of the characters from the Small World ride. Only the cologne bottles were glass, while the rest were plastic.

Given their subject matter, these 5" tall bottles were marketed towards kids, and a surprising number of them survive today. Usually, you'll find them selling in multi-piece collections for around $100-$200. Take this partial set that recently sold on eBay for $177.50, for example.

1980s Little Blossom Whisper Kids Cologne

In 1982, Avon launched the Little Blossom line as a sort of design competitor to Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch Kids. Products within the line were specifically designed with young girls in mind, and they featured characters with flower themes. Because these products were made for little girls, they're a novelty in the fragrance space, and people love to collect them. Depending on the product, these bottles can go for upwards of $200. For example, one travel-sized perfume called Whisper sold on eBay for $157.50.

1980s Daisy Dreamer Kids Cologne

Interestingly, the 'Whisper' fragrance isn't the only one from Avon's Little Blossom collection you should be on the lookout for. Another light cologne is the Daisy Dreamer set. Not quite as valuable and coming in at around $100, the Daisy Blossom dab perfume still does well for itself on the resell market. For example, one bottle recently sold on eBay for $81.

1970s Chess Set and Board

Avon Chess Set Vintage Aftershave Bottles

Netflix missed out when making Queen's Gambit on the chance to include Avon's iconic chess cologne set. Would it have been anachronistic because the cologne didn't come out until the 70s? Yes. Would it have looked awesome? Also, yes.

Starting in 1971, Avon released a two-toned collection of chess piece-shaped cologne and aftershave bottles. When put together, they fill an entire playable chess board. Thanks to Bobby Fischer's historic 1972 World Chess Championship win, the bottles exploded in popularity, and they're very collectible today.

Entire sets are worth about $50-$150, depending on who's interested in buying them and if they're complete. For example, one full set of the bottles completely boxed sold for $65.99 on eBay.

1970s Zodiac Star Sign Bottles

Avon star signs sweet honesty cologne Leo bottle

Astrology has made a huge comeback in the late-2010s and 2020s, and people are eating up vintage goods relating to all things horoscopes. One of these that's seen a recent boost in popularity is Avon's Zodiac Star Signs cologne series. These simplistic black fragrance bottles feature the zodiac signs' images illustrated in gold on the front.

You can find them sold individually or in complete sets. Comparatively cheaper than others on this list, Avon's Zodiac collections are worth about $15-$50. For instance, one complete set of bottles sold for around $60 online.

1970s Moonwind Bottles

Avon really hit gold with their early 70s fragrances. They launched Moonwind, a popular discontinued fragrance, in 1971. A green and soapy scent, it's something that kids and teens were gifted all throughout the 70s. Today, these collections hold some serious nostalgic value and sell well at auction.

Typically, the bottles aren't worth a ton and sell for the most amount of money in large, unopened, or partial collections of the entire beauty product (crème fragrance, lotion, soap, etc) line, like this set that sold for $50 online.

Add Vintage Avon Bottles to Your Thrift List

Avon bottles might not have Rene Lalique level values, but they do pretty well for themselves considering their age and cultural relevance. But, with smell being so connected to our memories, it's no wonder that these vintage bottles and the scents that linger in them still sell 50+ years later.

7 Avon Collectible Bottles Worth Thrifting