Vintage Lenox Figurine Values: How to Find Their Worth

Updated February 1, 2022
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From brightly colored birds to Disney icons, Lenox has been creating beautiful ceramic and crystal figures for over a hundred years, and over the many years, Lenox figurines' value has waxed and waned according to a number of different factors. Yet, one thing that hasn't changed is people's love for these delicate pieces of art, meaning that you might want to reconsider poking fun at your mother's so-called 'tchotchkes' since they may be worth far more than you ever expected.

The Lenox Corporation's Ceramic Figurines

Despite being in business since 1889, the Lenox company didn't begin manufacturing their now beloved glassware figurines until the 1980s. In fact, it wasn't until 1981 when they created the Lenox Collectibles Division that they began releasing a variety of collectibles home goods. Interestingly, in 2005 much of the company, including the Collectibles division, was sold to Dept. 56.

Price Guides Help Determine Vintage Lenox Figurine Values

It's never wrong to think old school when it comes to antiques, and a great way to get an immediate idea of how much your Lenox figurines are worth is to purchase a price guide. When you're looking through one of these compilations, make sure that you understand their descriptions of condition because the condition your figurine is in will have a huge effect on the value. For example, an item in the original box can sell for fifty percent more than an item without its box.

Evaluation Terms

Appraisers and collectors use certain terms to describe antique Lenox figurine values just like they do with other collectibles. The terms help the buyer to understand why a collectible is priced a certain way. It's important that the novice collector take time to understand these terms before buying.

  • MIB - Mint in the box. This means the item is in mint, or new, condition.
  • NIB - New in box. This means the item has not been used or removed from the box except for evaluation.
  • Appraised Value - The item has been appraised by a professional and given a value. This is not the same as the selling price.
  • Excellent - This means the item has no discoloration, cracks, chips, or other problems. It looks like new.
  • Very Good - The item may be dusty or need to be cleaned. It may have a few miniscule scratches.
  • Good - The item may have a small chip or scratch.
  • Fair - There may be chips, repairs have been done, or scratches to the paint.

Recent Lenox Values in the Collectibles Market

Vintage Lenox Figurine Values Infographic

While the value of collectibles can change from month to month, you can get a pretty good idea of how valuable your figurines are by checking what ones in a similar condition have recently sold for. When it comes to Lenox figurines, it seems that the figurines that are most collectible right now are those released in the late-1980s and 1990s. This could be due to the fact that they were a popular item to purchase as gifts and now the next current auctioning generation is reselling their parents' pieces. Additionally, many of these figurines made in the 1990s are now retired, meaning you can't pick up any official replacements from Lenox of these figurines and subsequently increasing their prices.

When it comes to evaluating these figurines, ones that haven't been opened or come with their original packaging sell for higher amounts than those that don't have packaging at all. Of course, examples with as little wear and damage evident will sell for the highest amounts possible. That being said, you're gambling a bit when it comes to Lenox figurines because they can sell from as little as $5 and as much as $1,000, depending on their condition, rarity, and collector's interest.

To get an idea of which figurines are currently popular on auction websites and what their going rates are, here are a few examples of Lenox's vintage figural collections.

Lenox's Bird Figurines

Lenox's bird figurines range in style, though the most popular on the market today are the single bird ones of the 1990s. As you can see, these birds can sell for a wide range of prices, though they average at around $15-$30.

Lenox's Lady Figurines

Lenox's various lady figurines reflect a more traditional design and essentially look like exactly what most people think of when they envision a collectible porcelain figure. Perhaps because of this competition with other, more luxurious companies like Lladro and Hummel, to create delicate female figures, Lenox's vintage ladies only sell for around $15-$25 on average.

Lenox's Santa Figurines

Surprisingly, Lenox produced a substantial number of Santa figurines spanning several years. Now a beloved holiday decoration, these figures can sell for $20-$50 depending on what Santas people are missing from their collections and how much they're willing to pay to have it by the holidays.

Lenox's Animal Figurines

While Lenox produced a lot of cat and dog figurines, those of a more pastural and exotic type are more valuable in the current collectibles market. In fact, these animal figurines sell for about $30-$40 on average.

Lenox's Disney Figurines

Of course, you'd be remiss when looking at vintage Lenox figurines if you didn't consider their long-standing Disney partnership. Producing licensed figures from an array of Disney's animated catalog, these Lenox figures can sell for whopping amounts of money at market.

Lenox's Nativity Figurines

Interestingly, Lenox's nativity figurines are also big-ticket items at auction, though it could correlate to elder audiences who hold a more traditional decorative celebration of the nativity willing to purchase these sets for substantial amounts.

Lenox's Swan Figurines

Lastly, Lenox's swan figurines may be abundant online, but they're not worth a ton of money on the whole. You can get a swan or two for about $10-$15.

Ways to Protect Your Lenox Figurines

If you want to preserve your Lenox figurine's value, then you should be sure to follow a few key tips when it comes to cleaning, storage, and maintenance.

  • Keep your figurines out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep them away from low areas where small children or pets might accidentally break them.
  • Dust them regularly with a very soft cloth.
  • Display the figurines in a protected area, like a china cabinet or curio case.

Vintage Lenox Figurines Leave a Lasting Impression

Lenox figurines are both whimsical and delicate, and '90s babies are sure to remember seeing their grandparent's shelves lined with a few of these. Never fear, you don't need to worry about sharp words and battered hands being tossed your way when you now reach for these fragile objects. In fact, they've become quite a popular collectible to hunt down. Thankfully, the value of Lenox figurines is generally affordable, meaning that you can get your hands on one of these quaint figures without making your wallet want to cry.

Vintage Lenox Figurine Values: How to Find Their Worth