Bay City Rollers Memorabilia: Finding Secure Shopping Options

Updated August 26, 2021
Scottish pop group The Bay City Rollers

Rollermania fans can find and collect all kinds of Bay City Rollers memorabilia from places all over the world. The Bay City Rollers fan base is still increasing, due in part to the band's songs popping up in many popular movie sound tracks. You don't have to be Scottish, or enjoy wearing tartan plaid pants, to enjoy the pop songs generated by this group from 1973 to 1991.

Bay City Rollers and Their Global Following

The Bay City Rollers weren't actually from Bay City, Michigan. In fact, they named their band after throwing darts at a map of the United States. The Bay City Rollers, formerly known as the Saxons, originated in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1967. The founding members of the band were Alan and Derek Longmuir, as well as Gordon Clark. Once the band was discovered, managers of the band proceeded to make frequent changes in the lineup of the members. This may help to explain why there are so many fans of the band and why people continue to collect Bay City Rollers items. With so many different band members, there was someone for everyone to admire!

Bay City Rollers fans

Common Types of Memorabilia

The rock 'n roll scene of the mid-20th century was notorious for producing iconic imagery and memorabilia to satisfy the band's screaming and shouting dedicated fanbase, and this trend first started in large part with the Beatles and their infamous Beatlemania. If you could print the name of the band or a picture of the band's logo onto it, chances are high that some band out there immortalized themselves on it. While not demure, the Bay City Rollers weren't as out of the box with their merchandise as other well-known acts were, and some of the types of memorabilia you can hunt down include:

  • Vintage LPs
  • Concert T-Shirts
  • Autograph Cards
  • Concert Tickets
  • Concert Programs
  • Commemorative Posters
  • Trade/Industry Magazines
  • Vintage Buttons
  • Vintage Books
Bay City Rollers picture scrapbook

Markets for Bay City Rollers Memorabilia

It's not as difficult as you may think to find your favorite Bay City Rollers memorabilia items. From record covers to awards that were presented to the group, the internet is one of the best ways to find items related to Rollermania.

Memorabilia Stores

There are many businesses on the internet that buy and sell collectible items, and many of these businesses are located across the world. Be sure that you have specific contact information, such as phone numbers and addresses, on the people you're thinking of doing business with before you place an order and always insist on insurance for the items you have purchased. A few businesses that sell Bay City Rollers memorabilia include:

  • Memorabilia UK - This website offers a great selection of music memorabilia, all are certified and authenticated. They are registered members of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club.
  • Vinyltap - You should head on over to this website if you're looking for a great selection of albums, 7-inch singles, and signed photos for the Bay City Roller collector.
  • Musicstack - This retailer sells a unique selection of albums, books, CDs, singles and pictures from bubblegum packs and much more.
  • eBay - Consistently one of the top places to look for rock 'n roll memorabilia, you can find one of the widest selections of available Bay City Roller items on eBay by using the search by selecting the worldwide location option. Many items related to this band can be found in Europe, since this was where they originated.
Les McKeown during a photocall to celebrate the release of the band's first ever career retrospective boxset

Antique Stores

Although memorabilia for the Bay City Rollers isn't considered an antique, collectible items can often be found at antique stores. Antique dealers often acquire memorabilia items in the normal course of their businesses. Items that may be found at an antique store include used books, magazines, photographs and more. Visit your local antique store to see what they have to offer and be sure to let the dealer know that you are interested in Bay City Roller memorabilia. Dealers will be happy to call you to let you know that a Rollermania item has come into their store.

  • - This website sells rare vinyl in various formats by the Bay City Rollers.
  • Amazon - By using the search function on the website, you can find used items in eBay stores as well as independent sellers and not just new items. Collectibles on this site range from books and albums to rare items such as posters, signed photographs, books and CD collections.
  • Alibris Books - This is an online used book and media seller with a collection of signed books, albums and other music ephemera.
  • ABE Books - This is a digital bookseller of both new and used books, which includes signed books that you might be interested in.

Safely Purchasing Memorabilia

Whether you purchase an item on the internet, or order it on the phone from a reputable antique dealer, insist on insurance on your purchases. Losing an item through the mail is upsetting, even more so if you don't purchase insurance.

If you use your credit card to make a purchase, be aware that your credit card company may not cover purchases made outside of the United States. Read the back of your monthly billing statement regarding international purchases, or call a customer service representative prior to making a purchase.

Finally, never send cash through the mail. Reputable businesses will never ask you to send cash in the mail, and while there are ways to verify your tracking or making someone sign for the envelope, it's best not to leave anything up to chance.

Bay City Rollers press-out book

Your Saturday Night Never Has to End

Whether it's an authentic concert stub from the 1970s or one of their many hit vinyl albums, Bay City Rollers memorabilia lets you relive your favorite Saturday Nights anytime you want to. Take your love of the Scottish pop rock band a step further and try to grab a ticket for their next live concert since even after all of these years together, they still haven't put their instruments down.

Bay City Rollers Memorabilia: Finding Secure Shopping Options