Collectible Angel Figurines: Popular Types and Brands

Updated August 5, 2020
Angel Figurine

Explore the popular types of collectible angel figurines and various brands to find your perfect angel collection. You can choose from baby, guardian angels, Hallmark, African American, and many other types.

Exploring Collectible Angel Figurines

Collectible angel figurines are made of glass, porcelain, wood, and resin. The styles are different and can be used on a mantel or table. You can also find collectible angel figurine Christmas tree ornaments. Just decide what style you like and then start collecting!

Small Wooden Angel Figurine On Table

Collectible Angel Figurines in Resin

Many of the angel figurines are based on the sculpture by a featured artist and then produced in resin. These angelic creations are then hand-painted for a perfect finishing touch.

Blossom Bucket Angel Figurines by Barbara Lloyd

Blossom Bucket features various angles just for a teacher, friend, mom, grandma, and others. Each angel holds an object that quickly identifies her. Each angel features special messages of love scrolled above the hemline. None of these angels have facial features. This omission adds to their angelic mystique. These figurines are designed by Barbara Lloyd and are made of painted resin.

Willow Tree Angel Figurines by Susan Lordi

Willow Tree features angel figurines by sculptor Susan Lordi. The resin angels are hand-painted, and each features the signature wire wings. Some of the angel sculptures are of children angels and guardian angels holding a child. You can also find a few of these beautiful figurines as Christmas ornaments. The angels in this collection don't have any facial features and capture the imagination.

Foundations Collection by Karen Hahn

Karen Hahn creates elegant angel figurines with luxurious gowns and special meanings in the Foundations Collection. You can find beautiful detailing and delicate facial features with each angel. These figurines are made of stone resins with a smooth finish and often include other details, such as crystal trim and other embellishments. Some angels feature scrolled messaging along the lower part of the gown.

Jim Short Angel Collections

Artist Jim Shore seems to have an angel for every occasion. Made of resin, these angels feature highly decorative gowns, and most have angelic halos. You may be able to find the highly-prized four seasons angels, Easter angels, patriotic angels, angels of love, or Heartwood Creek Angels.

Thomas Kinkade Angel Collections

Thomas Kinkade offers several angel figurine collections, such as Angels of Peace, Amazing Grace Angels, and Irish-Inspired Remembrance. This finely detailed angel collections are hand-painted.

Medium Mixed burton + BURTON Beautiful Angel Figurines

You can find a mix of resin angels, porcelain angels, and angels with metal wings at burton + BURTON. Some of the angel figurines have religious messages or messages of hope.

African American Angel Figurines

You can find beautiful African American angel figurines made of high-quality resin. The different collections reflect the magnificence of angelic presence.

Keith Mallet Angel Collections

Keith Mallet presents Blue Willow Sister Angels figurine collection. These elegant, handcrafted angels are hand-painted, and each one carries an inspirational message about sisters. Mallet's collections also include other fine African American angel figurines.

The Black Art Depot

The Black Art Depot offers several African American angel figurines. Some of these include Peace Angel, Love Angel, Praise Angel, Thank You Lord Angel, God Bless This House Angel, and the Sash Angels that are available in with different colored sashes.

Porcelain Angel Figurines

Porcelain angles have a special place in many collectors' hearts. You can find these remarkable figurines in various designs and styles. Collectible figurines brands, such as Hallmark, often feature ornament porcelain angels as well as those by various brands.

Lladró Handmade Porcelain Angels From Spain

Lladró handmade porcelain angels are some of the most exquisite angel figurines you can buy. The attention to incredible detail make these angel figurines ideal for the serious collector. Lladró has more than 60 years' experience as a world leader in creating magnificent porcelain art. You can find all types of angel figurines that include children and cupids.

Baby Angel Figurines

Baby angel figurines offer a special tenderness and gentle love. When you find a collection that you like, you can fill your collectible shelves with these adorable little ones.

Angel Figurines Hallmark Porcelain Collectibles

Hallmark features angels by different sculptors, like Joanne Eschrich, whose collectible angels are made from porcelain.

Wood Angel Figurine Collections

You can find vintage wood angel collections through various resell websites. You may want to pick up a couple from modern rustic sculptors.

  • Forest Decor offers several wooden angels that are a combination of unfinished bark and finished wood. Made in Germany.
  • Etsy wood sculptors feature many handcrafted wooden angels by various wood sculptors.
  • AuldHome Design features a Mango wood angel with metal wings and a heart.

Seraphim Classics Collection

Since 1993, the Seraphim Angels have been an American classic that collectors love. Over 100 of these beautiful elegant angels make up this amazing collection. Many angels have been retired, but you can find many of these collectibles for sale.

Collectible Angel Figurines

There are many beautiful collectible angel figurines. You may have a difficult time deciding on just one collection and may need to expand your display. If you're also interested in other types of figurines, find out which antique figurines are worth money. You might have a secret treasure sitting on your shelf.

Collectible Angel Figurines: Popular Types and Brands