Ford Mustang Memorabilia: Where to Buy (or Simply Appreciate) It

Updated February 15, 2022
1968 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet

Ford Mustang memorabilia is prized among car enthusiasts who have an affinity for these sleek American sports cars. First introduced in 1964, many Americans fell in love with the classic Mustang, and the name itself still evokes an emotional response with car lovers today. In fact, this car's popularity wasn't limited to just those who happened to own one themselves; rather, anyone who had an appreciation for the legendary pony car could get their hands on one of the thousands of pieces of Mustang memorabilia that Ford released since the car's inception -- pieces that you can own too.

Vintage Ford Mustang Memorabilia for Every Type of Gear Head

The Ford Motor Company spared no expense when it came to promoting their Mustang model in the mid and late 20th century. From dealership promotional items to a multimodal ad campaign, you couldn't escape the American automobile giant's newest addition to the pony car and muscle car market. While Ford had thus far been recognizable for its titular logo, they made an ingenious decision to create a custom logo and badge for the new model. This galloping horse inside a corral was quickly printed, embroidered, and stamped on just about anything it could be.

Bob Perkins' insane 30+ year collection of Mustang memorabilia attests to the fact that the Ford marketing machine was in high gear when it came to their flagship car. Included in his collection are one of a kind items like specialty dealership ceiling hangs and rim covers alongside more typical collectibles like pins and diecast cars. Although Perkins' collection is an awesome sight to behold, he hasn't taken every piece of Mustang memorabilia off of the market just quite, and there're a ton of items for motor heads to track down today.

Magazines and Ads

Ford Mustang Shelby GT Car Vintage Magazine Ad

Paper ephemera is a category of collectibles that's usually the easiest for people to find and the most abundant of all the vintage collectibles out there. Whether it's full-sized advertisements or half-page ads that appear in trade magazines and newspapers, these pieces of ephemera make for perfect entry-level collectibles for newbies to pursue. Additionally, they're often some of the cheapest memorabilias related to the auto industry and you can get vintage prints for as little as $5.

Ford Mustang ad from leix38 Ebay store

Matchbox and Diecast Cars

Matchbox cars and other diecast automobile toys became a fascinating collectible for adults in the 20th century. Manufacturers like Acme and Matchbox replicated the exact specifications for the newest vehicles in a significantly smaller scale. Thus, for the Mustangs that were far too expensive and out of your reach, you could marvel over its design by purchasing its accompanying diecast model. Interestingly, well-preserved model cars in their original packaging can sell for quite a lot of money, usually between $25-$100.


VINTAGE FORD MUSTANG Steering Wheel Novelty Mens Watch of triadvintagecompany Ebay shop

With a renewed interest in vintage fashion encroaching onto youth culture's turf, it's only logical that vintage Ford apparel would be experiencing a resurgence in popularity by collectors and noncollectors alike. In essence, people just like owning cool things they can wear, and the Ford Motor Company had their finger on the pulse of what was trendy all throughout Mustang's heyday. From shirts to jackets and even accessories too, you can find fun and colorful pieces of vintage Mustang apparel buried in the racks at your local thrift stores or at online retailers.

Unique Collectibles

If Bob Perkins' massive collection can teach you anything, its that there's some truly oddball products out there related to the Ford Mustang's history. So long as you've got your eye on the look out for that particular galloping horse, then vestiges of the past emblazoned with the omnipresent Mustang logo will come your way. Since there isn't a wholly comprehensive list of each product Ford licensed under its marketing campaign, it's nearly impossible to predict all the types of memorabilia you can find in the wild. However, part of the joy is in seeing what pieces you can uncover yourself. Take these unusual pieces of memorabilia, for example:

Where to Buy Ford Mustang Memorabilia

Whether you're interested in pictures, models, accessories, signs, or even an actual vintage Mustang, you're likely to be impressed by the range of high quality and interesting collectibles available at these online retailers:

  • - This website offers framed and unframed photographs, posters, and fine art prints depicting the beauty of Ford Mustangs throughout history.
  • Auto Trader Classic - Typically, Mustang collectors aren't specifically looking to purchase an actual old Mustang, but for the few who are, Auto Trader Classic is a great resource that includes listings of classic cars from all around the United States.
  • eBay - The fastest and cheapest way to find Mustang memorabilia is to head on over to eBay. They've got a ton of vintage Mustang products for sale, ranging the common to the highly collectible.

Mustang Club of America

The non-profit Mustang Club of America (MCA) is dedicated to the care, history, enjoyment, and preservation of Ford Mustangs. Formed in 1977, the organization has more than 170 chapters, primarily located in the United States and Canada. Most members own Ford Mustangs, though it's not a prerequisite to engage in their community. For collectors, the MCA offers a great place to meet up with like-minded gear heads who have a lot of knowledge that they're willing to impart. Local MCA chapters hold car shows, rallies, and swap meet events on a regular basis. These occasions offer excellent opportunities for Mustang enthusiasts to view beautifully restored machines and locate hard-to-find memorabilia. Additionally, MCA has published the Mustang Times magazine since its inception, and Mustang enthusiasts can view the publication's articles and advertisements online, with the exception of the current year's issues.

Mustangs in Museums

Vintage Mustang memorabilia enthusiasts might also enjoy visiting one or more of the museums that house fully restored or preserved examples of various Mustangs over the years.

  • The Telstar Museum features an extensive collection of fully restored Mustang, Shelby, and Cobra vehicles.

Get Your Engines Ready

If the Ford Mustang has captured your heart, you've probably visited more than your share of car shows, and you may even have a restoration project in progress in your garage. Whether your Mustang hobby involves collecting memorabilia to display in your home or, if the expensive type of memorabilia that you can drive, you're in good with your fellow Mustang collectors. Take the time to socialize while you enjoy the journey to find the perfect items to complete your 'stang collection.

Ford Mustang Memorabilia: Where to Buy (or Simply Appreciate) It