5 Most Valuable Lego Minifigures & Their Astonishing Prices

These valuable Lego minifigs sold for huge prices for something so small. Check your brick bin for these bad boys (and girls).

Published March 26, 2023

If you're like most of us, you have a Lego bin in your basement or attic, and chances are, you've got some minifigs in there. Although most of these little guys (and girls) tend to be worth only a few dollars, some of the most valuable Lego minifigures can sell for hundreds or even thousands. These are a few you should keep an eye out for as you're digging for bricks.

14K Gold C-3PO

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Star Wars fans may not be surprised that Lego made a solid gold C-3PO in 2007. They made five, in fact, making this the rarest Lego minifigure ever. They weren't actually something you could buy when they were first produced; instead, they were part of a giveaway. Those lucky enough to win them have a treasure on their hands. One sold for $300,000 in 2008.

While you might not have one of these in your brick bin, keep an eye out for Star Wars minifigures in sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals.

Lego Mr. Gold

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The top-hatted Lego Mr. Gold is a real gold mine. There are only 5,000, and if you happen to have an early version of this limited edition minifigure, you could have something super valuable. One sold on eBay for about $4,500. Even later versions of this dude sell for hundreds.

Lego Black Suit Superman Minifigure

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Given as a prize at Comic-Con in 2013, the black suit Superman is a rare Lego minifig that's worth thousands. There were only 200 made, and if you have one in its original packaging, you could have a treasure. A black suit Superman in a worn blister pack sold for about $4,000.

Quick Tip

In general, Lego minifigures based on comic books or popular movies tend to be worth more, especially if they are a limited edition. Look for Marvel characters, Star Wars, and other major icons.

Original Roman Commander Minifigure

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The Roman commander is a classic Lego minifigure that's been issued many times, but the earliest of these can be valuable. One original example sold on eBay for almost $1,000. If you know you have an old one, it's worth looking into its value. Newer examples are not as valuable. Condition is a big factor, of course, so those in perfect shape tend to be worth more.

Rare Stranger Things Minifigures

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Stranger Things has inspired some great minifigures, and some are worth money. For example, a minifigure of the character Barb sold for $600. It was in mint condition, still in the package. The key here is finding figures that aren't as common, so if you have some minor characters, they could be valuable.

Finding Valuable Lego Minifigures


Most of the valuable Lego minifigures you'll find are part of major popular Lego collections but were made in super limited quantities. Look for minifigures still in their original packages or those crafted of precious metals. If you know something was a promotional figure or is rare, have it checked by toy appraiser. It's always good to get more information if you suspect you have something awesome.

5 Most Valuable Lego Minifigures & Their Astonishing Prices