9 Most Valuable Marvel Collectibles & What They're Worth

Discover which rare Marvel collectibles from its 80+ years in business you might own.

Published March 20, 2023

Undoubtedly, Marvel is the most popular comic book company today, thanks to their highly successful cinematic universe. Yet, they didn't just start pumping out merchandise, toys, and trading cards a decade ago. Some of the most valuable Marvel collectibles are almost 50 years old, while others have only been around a few months. After all, these rare and expensive Marvel collectibles don't go to just anyone's collection, and you'll be really lucky if you find one of these lying around somewhere.

Mego World Spiderman Action Figure

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Spiderman continues to be Marvel's shining star. Mego Corporation was a toy manufacturer that launched in 1954, with its best-selling toys being their vintage action figures from the 1970s and 1980s. Mego's 8" Spiderman from 1972 is soft-bodied with a plastic head, and it sells big on the collectors' market. You can find these retro toys easily selling for $200-$500 in good condition.

Of course, if you come across one that's still in its original box, you're looking at the highest prices possible. For instance, this boxed Spiderman figurine sold for $449.99 on eBay.

Mego World 'The Lizard' Action Figure

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You can't leave your Mego World Spiderman action figure incomplete! The friendly neighborhood Spiderman is just as popular as his villains, and collectors love finding these collectibles for sale. Superhero villains aren't kept as often as superheroes are, making any that survive to today worth quite a bit.

They sell for a similar range as other Mego "World's Greatest Super-Heroes" figurines do at about $100-$500. One boxed The Lizard recently sold for $499.99 online.

Impel's Marvel Universe Trading Cards

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The 1990s were a slump period for Marvel Comics and entertainment, but the merch they made during the decade is now getting some serious traction in collector circles. Impel's 1990s Marvel Universe Trading Card series is one of these high-dollar retro products.

Individually, these cards don't sell for more than a few hundred bucks in the absolute best condition, but sealed packs of the entire collection will sell for close to $1,000. Take this sealed Series 1 box that sold for $719, for example.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Funko Pops

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Think of Funko Pops like modern-day action figures or holiday Barbies. Some people just want to play with them, but others invest in the rare and special. For Marvel fans, the top-of-the-line Funko Pops comes once a year.

San Diego Comic Con is the most important convention in the United States for new film, television, and comic news. Marvel always releases exclusive Funko Pops for each SDCC, and you can tell if you have one by the sticker on the bottom right corner and the metallic paint they use.

To the right collector, these Funko Pops are worth thousands of dollars. Recently, SDCC's 2013 Metallic Red Deadpool sold for an impressive $1,500 on eBay.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Lego Mini Figures

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Marvel pulls out all the stops for its San Diego Comic Con celebrations. On top of huge teasers, massive reveals, and tables full of merchandise, they create exclusive collectibles just for the event. If you know anything about Lego adults, then you know that they're a passionate bunch with deep pockets.

Some of the most valuable collectibles in terms of their worth per square inch are the SDCC exclusive Marvel Lego figures. Every year, the specific line-up changes, but they continue to sell after the event on the collector's market for thousands of dollars. For example, the popular 2013 Spiderman mini figure sold for $6,499.99 on eBay.

Queen Studio Character Busts

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Much like Madame Tussauds, Queen Studios is dedicated to creating indecipherable likenesses of popular characters from studios like Marvel and DC. Specifically, they focus on lifelike busts of characters from their films. Because of the time that goes into making these busts, they're very expensive and are often made in limited batches or are one-of-a-kind.

When you look, you'll find these busts listed for thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, though they don't always sell that high on the resale market. For example, one exquisite Vision life-size bust (of which only 398 were made) sold to one collector for $2,300.

Vintage Fleetwood Action Figures

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In the 1970s, you could find Fleetwood blister packed toys in just about every five-and-dime shop. These 'rack toys' were cheaply made licensed merchandise that companies like Fleetwood made a killing on. Surprisingly, these low-quality toys are worth a lot today.

They're not impossible to find, but unopened carded ones are the most valuable. Generally, these sell for anywhere between $100-$2,000. Take, for instance, this sealed Ghost Rider action figure from 1976 that sold for $1,799.99 on eBay.

Mattel's Marvel Secret Wars Action Figures

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Mattel is best-known for toys like Barbie and Hot Wheels, but in the 1980s, they were making licensed Marvel action figures for big-box retailers. At the time, these action figures weren't anything special, but today, they're hard to come by.

Like other rack toys, these action figures are worth the most when they're in the original packaging and/or haven't actually been 'punched' (there aren't any holes for the rack pegs to go through). In the best conditions, these toys can sell for $1,000-$2,000. One unpunched Constrictor from 1986 sold for $1,100, while a punched but carded Iceman sold for $1,000.

SkyBox Marvel Metal Universe Spiderman Cards


SkyBox (formerly Impel) is a trading card manufacturer that continues to make highly collectible Marvel trading cards. Recently, they've been releasing various Metal Universe decks, and the Spiderman one that launched in 2021 is very popular.

Individually, these cards can sell for $5-$10 each, but it's the rare cards in the boxes that people are looking for. Rare 1/1 cards, meaning only one of them exists (which is denoted somewhere on the front or back) are worth unbelievable amounts. For example, one Spider Punk card from 2021 is a 1/1 and sold on eBay for $34,825. Another 1/1 card - an artist's sketch of Doc Oc - is currently on sale for $499.99.

Marvel Collectibles Are Around Every Corner


Back in the day, Marvel hustled to keep audience interest in the wake of popular live-action series from rival DC Comics like Batman and Wonder Woman and animated shows like Super Friends. Yet, they've come out on top, and their collectibles from the early years and today sell really well. So, keep your eyes peeled for any unique Marvel collectibles; there will always be some avid fan waiting around the corner to take them off your hands.

9 Most Valuable Marvel Collectibles & What They're Worth