Pink Depression Glass Styles and Patterns

Updated February 5, 2020

The Beauty of Pink Depression Glass

Pink Depression glass has been a popular collectible for many years. The shades vary greatly, from a pale blush pink to a more vibrant color. If you're interested in collecting Depression glass, you'll love the many gorgeous pieces on the market.

History of Depression Glass

As the economy struggled during the Great Depression of the 1930s, people did not want to spend money on costly glassware for the home. However, manufacturers like Anchor-Hocking, Hazel Atlas, and others began producing affordable options in a wide variety of colors, including pink. Some pieces were even given away with purchases, so people could build a collection without much expense. This continued throught he 1950s, which is why there are so many styles, shades, and options of pink Depression glass in antique shops and online.

Using a Depression Glass Candy Dish

Like any type of collectible, depression glass is more valuable if it comes with all of the parts. This candy dish, for example, has lost the lid and therefore does not command a high price. It is still a lovely example of depression glass, and you could use it in your home as a catch-all on top of a dresser or vanity.

Displaying a Footed Pink Dish

This footed candy dish has a more contemporary look. It can be used to hold fruit, small cakes, or candies. It is held up off the table by three small feet, offering an elegant touch. You'll notice this pale shade and elaborate pattern make it very feminine and pretty.

Mixing in a Pink Floral Bowl

This floral bowl is a light blush color, and the all-over floral and scroll pattern is beautiful. You can find these useful pieces in antique shops and flea markets, and they mix well with modern tableware.

Gorgeous Pink Floral Coffee Cup

A pink cup with a beautiful floral design is wonderful for a quick afternoon tea or a cup of coffee with friends. It adds a touch of vintage charm and elegance to any table. You can find coffee cups in many different patterns, and it's fun to mix and match the styles.

Deeper Pink

Some Depression glass items come in deeper shades of pink, offering a bold alternative to the pastels you find more commonly. A vase in darker pink lets you play up the color in your floral arrangement for an eye-catching display.

Pink Depression Glass Stemware

Pink Depression glass came in everything from servingware to stemware, but wine, champagne, and water goblets are some of the most collectible items. They are affordable, often selling for under $10 on eBay, so it's easy to mix and match your patterns to create an eclectic set. Alternatively, you can find lots of pieces in the same pattern.

Art Deco Style

During the Art Deco period at the beginning of the 20th century, clean, geometric designs were all the rage. These French tumblers show this design influence, and they have a simple style that works well on today's table.

Old Fashioned Champagne Glasses

Old-fashioned, coupe-style champagne glasses offer an elegant option for parties, but they also work well for serving ice cream, sherbet, and other desserts. This simple, swirling pattern, called "Rosaline" by Arcaroc, is modern and lovely.

Gold Rims for Elegance

While most Depression glass pieces are simply glass, some also feature gold leaf rims or decorations. The addition of gold leaf means the glassware is harder to care for, since you can't put it in the dishwasher or abrade it with cleansers. However, the touch of elegance it adds when combined with a soft pink makes it worth the extra care.

Hand Painted Depression Glass

In rare instances, Depression glass was also hand-painted, creating a true work of art. This plate has unusual hand-painted accents. The beautiful pink glass has small petaled flowers painted underneath it.

Texture and Charm

Modern bubble patterns and geometric designs add texture to some pink Depression glass pieces like this vase. The simple style makes this at home in a modern interior, and the warm pinks shade gives it subtle charm.

Pink and Every Color of the Rainbow

Collecting pink Depression glass is a fun and affordable hobby, but you don't have to stop there. Green Depression glass is another popular color, and rare shades like purple are also fun to collect. While pink may be one of the prettiest and most versatile shades of Depression glass, you'll find that there are many gorgeous items in red, black, blue, and other shades. If you prefer a beautiful clear glass, you can't go wrong with vintage crystal glassware.

Pink Depression Glass Styles and Patterns