Power Up With 6 Valuable Original Power Rangers Toys

Any time is morphin' time with these collectible early Power Rangers toys that are worth a lot of money today.

Published March 21, 2023

You couldn't grow up in the 1990s without having a personal claim on one of the Power Rangers. The show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 1993, and it's still entertaining kids today. Now, the kids who grew up with the Power Rangers are adults building their own toy collections, and the first items on some of their lists are these original Power Rangers toys.

Power Rangers in Space Apollo 12 Action Figures

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In 1999, Earth's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers went to space. To commemorate their galactic adventures, a new line of space-inspired toys was released. The Heroes of Space series took real-life astronauts and partnered them with various Power Rangers in action figure form. Depending on their condition, these toys can sell for about $500-$1,000. One of the highest online sales was through Heritage Auctions, where a dual set of the Black Power Ranger + Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean and the Red Power Ranger + Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr. sold for $2,375.

Turborangers' Turbo Brace


If the massive foam Hulk hands are anything to go by, kids love having wearable toys. Because there were so many pieces and weapons in a Power Ranger's costume, toy manufacturers were able to come with up a ton of cool ideas from the show. The Turbo Brace was one of these, and it actually came from the original Japanese series, Turborangers, which Power Rangers was created from.

Any toys you can find from 1989-1990 that come from this original series are worth a good deal to collectors. One of these Turbo Braces recently sold for $560 on eBay. Don't expect to always see that high of a final price, but in the right circumstances, it can happen.

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord Action Figure

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When you think of Power Rangers, you probably think of brightly colored outfits, a lot of flipping in the air, and giant samurai-looking robots fighting evildoers. These giant robots are called zords, and vintage zord action figures are some of the most valuable Power Ranger toys you can find.

The first zord in the series was the Megazord, and people are pretty sentimental for it. When a box is entirely complete and packaged, it can sell for upwards of $300-$400. For instance, one boxed Megazord action figure sold for $300 online.

Power Rangers Time Force Quantum Morpher

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Another valuable vintage Power Rangers toy to be on the lookout for is the replica Quantum Morpher from the Power Rangers: Time Force series. With a few clicks, you could imagine you were the lesser-known red Quantum Ranger. While the specifics of his power are a little convoluted even to old Power Rangers fans, these early aughts toys are still collectible. In fact, one wearable Quantum Morpher toy that still works recently sold for $189.99 on eBay.

Power Rangers Mega Tigerzord


Another zord to keep your eyes peeled for is the Mega Tigerzord. A unique toy that commemorates the White Power Ranger's introduction (without his White Tiger, the Mega Tigerzord couldn't exist), this zord isn't as common as other zords. Even in disrepair or incomplete packaging, this toy can fetch upwards of $100-$200. One boxed Mega Tigerzord that's only missing a sword recently sold for $119.99.

Power Rangers Time Force Megazord

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Popping back to the Power Rangers: Time Force series, we have another valuable toy - the Time Force Megazord. In a return to the more classic original Megazord style, this simple robot action figure with a pink and yellow shield can be a hit for some collectors.

If you can find this Bandai toy in a good condition or boxed, you're looking at values in the $100 range. One complete and unboxed Time Force Megazord circa 2000 sold for $120.

What to Look for in Vintage Power Rangers Toys

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Everyone wants their favorite childhood playthings to be worth something down the line; it's why so many of us are hesitant to get rid of our old toys. Unfortunately, not everything Power Rangers related is worth a ton of money. After all, they're still making action figures and zords today.

But there are a few things you can look for that can indicate you've got something special in your hands.

  • Find factory-sealed toys. Collectors prefer buying toys that are factory sealed when they can. You'll also get the most bang for your buck with these.
  • Look for vintage Megazords. As this list proves, Megazords are the bread-and-butter of vintage Power Ranger toys. If you can find them in good condition, you can sell them for a good amount.
  • Look for early manufacturing years. You can use this Power Rangers toy guide to reference what year your toys might have been released. The inaugural 1993/1994 season is a great place to start.

The 90s Are Back and as Profitable as Ever

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When the Power Rangers broke onto the scene in 1993, they rocked the daytime kids' entertainment world. The original series was a unique integration of American actors and Japanese fighting footage and yet, it's still going strong. This cultural connection to the whacky colorful ninjas and 90s nostalgia have made the Power Ranger toys you grew up with more valuable than ever.

Power Up With 6 Valuable Original Power Rangers Toys