Rare and Valuable Digimon Cards You'd Be Lucky to Find 

Discover which Digimon cards have the most value today. Maybe you'll find one in your old collection!

Published December 6, 2022
Digimon European International Championships

Many kids coming into the millennium got swept up in the competitive, cute (but dangerous) monsters craze of the time. While Pokemon was the most well known, for some, Digimon was where the magic was. Digimon digital monsters might not have started off with trading cards, but when they became available, a dedicated fan base embraced the cards with great enthusiasm. Nowadays, Digimon card values are on the rise thanks to reinvigorated interest in all things Y2K.

Valuable Digimon Cards to Add to Your Deck

Valuable Digimon Cards Recent Sales Price
2000 Tyrannomon Gold Stamped $35,999.95
1999 Upper Deck Exclusive Preview Greymon $13,999.95
1999 Gold Prism Exclusive Preview Seadramon $12,000
2021 Double Diamond Parallel Omnimon Omegamon $1,000
1999 Silver Prism Exclusive Preview Selected Kids! $999

Whether it's vintage cards from your childhood or the latest rare cards from the recent Digimon trading card game re-release, there's some money to be made in selling and trading Digimon cards. Although they're not nearly as well cataloged and popular as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!, a few Digimon cards can bring in the big bucks.

2021 Double Diamond Parallel Omnimon Omegamon

Trading cards don't have to be old to be worth something. This 2021 Omnimon Omegamon card from the Double Diamond booster pack is a rare Japanese first edition. Not only is this the powerful Digimon you want to have in your deck, but it also has unique artwork featuring a shiny foil. While one gem mint 10 card recently sold for a whopping $15,000 on eBay, you're more likely to find them for sale for about $1,000 in the best condition.

Rare, first edition cards may have some value, so if you come across even the most modern ones, it's worth it to check out the price while it's still in great condition.

2000 Tyrannomon Gold Stamped

2000 Tyrannomon Gold Stamped

A card from the second series, the Tyrannomon card (a Digimon with an amalgamation of dinosaur features) was printed in 2000 and has a gold stamp at the bottom corner of the card. It's particularly valuable to Digimon collectors. Only 100 of these cards were ever printed, so very few of them surface online, let alone with a high grading. You can find the 1/100 card currently for sale on eBay for $35,999.95.

Check out your Digimon cards for low production numbers. If you find them in good condition, it might be worth investigating their value.

1999 Upper Deck Exclusive Preview Greymon

Exclusive preview cards are some of the best vintage Digimon cards, and you know you've got one when you find a card with a little gold stamp on the bottom left corner. These were cards with a limited run in each deck, so they're worth a lot more than the everyday cards. In particular, cards of fan-favorite 'mons naturally have higher values since they still have that nostalgia-driven sentimentality. Basically, if you remember the Digimon all these years later, then its original series card is probably worth a few thousand dollars.

On top of that, cards are worth increasing amounts that coincide with each number as they go up in grading. So, this PSA 7 card isn't worth a lot on the basis of its grade, but on the fact it's both an exclusive preview and a well-liked Digimon - the Greymon. All of that comes together for a $10,000+ price tag ($13,999.95) online.

1999 Gold Prism Exclusive Preview Seadramon

1999 Gold Prism Exclusive Preview Seadramon

Exclusive preview cards of the original batch of Digimon cards from the late '90s are already worth a few thousand dollars, but in higher grades and cooler (more memorable) Digimon, those profits can shift to upwards of $10,000. Seadramon from the 1999 series is one of these cards. A dangerous sea dragon in a beautiful gold and teal palette, this vintage card is most valuable at the highest grades of mint 9 and gem mint 10.

The thing that seals the deal on a card like this is the chevron, rainbow-colored holographic prism effect on the card's background. These little details make all the difference when it comes to card collecting. For example, one of these Seadramon cards in a mint 9 grade is currently listed on eBay for an impressive $12,000 - and rightly so.

1999 Silver Prism Exclusive Preview Selected Kids!

Digimon SELECTED KIDS 1 Gold Prism Holo

The Digimon anime had that spiky early 2000s style that all Y2K kids know and love, and the 1999 Selected Kids! card shows that style in all its glory. Featuring the seven main character ensemble on the unique collectible card, even people without a connection to the trading card game get a huge dose of nostalgia just looking at it. In a gem mint 10 condition, the card is also worth a lot of money - particularly if it's one of the limited-edition exclusive preview cards. While prices vary from buyer to buyer, they all settle around $1,000. For example, this gem mint 10 exclusive preview Selected Kids! card is listed for $999 online.

Tips for Picking out Valuable Digimon Cards

When you're flipping through an old box full of your childhood playthings and you come across a pile of loose Digimon cards, all of them look the same. But, with a trained eye, you can pick up on subtle hints of potential value.

  • Look for Exclusive Preview gold stamps - If you can find a gold stamp on the bottom left corner of the vintage Digimon cards, then you're in a great shape for making some money. These 'Exclusive Preview' cards were stamped because they were a part of a limited series, making them rather rare and potentially valuable.
  • Find the highest grades - Card grading is basically the process where a professional ranks a card's physical condition on a scale, and the closer to 10 you are, the more money the card is worth. So, you want to sell cards with a high mint, and these will be glossy, unbent, colorful, and not stained.

Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Old Digimon Cards

Despite how cute some of the original Digimon monsters were, it has been hard for them to compete with Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! The 2020 relaunch with an exciting new streamable animated series, Digimon Adventure, helped new and old fans discover these digital monsters' magic for the first time or all over again.

So, now might be your chance to find someone newly interested in the game who wants a piece of the original '90s action. Reconnect new fans to your childhood love by keeping the cards in the Digimon family. Or you can always sell the entire lot on Facebook Marketplace or eBay for about $100. And, if you've got the artistic touch, you might even try to make it big on TikTok or Instagram by painting over the cards with beautiful, color-matched backgrounds.

Keep Digimon Trading Cards for the Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and Digimon trading cards can draw it out of any '90s kid. Conceptually, the cards and the anime were a cool reflection of what we thought the 2000s digital world was going to look like and how far tech could go. But, while we won't be riding the digital landscape with cute monsters anytime soon, we can totally admire the show's cards and live out our childhood fantasies to the fullest.

Rare and Valuable Digimon Cards You'd Be Lucky to Find