Roseville Pottery Prices

Roseville tea pot

Roseville pottery prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per piece.

About Roseville Pottery

Manufactured for nearly 70 years, Roseville pottery gained quite a following during the years it was in production. Rather than falling out of favor once production ceased in 1954, its popularity and value only increased. Today, Roseville pottery has become one of the most prized and sought after antique collectibles. Pieces in good condition can be very valuable on the antique market.

Record Setting Roseville Pottery Prices

  • In 1999, the Roseville Della Robbia vase sold for $38,850 at the Ohio Pottery Lover's Annual Auction in Zanesville, Ohio. This represents the highest known amount ever paid for a single piece of Roseville pottery. McAllister Auctions handled the sale.
  • The largest known sale of Roseville pottery pieces took place in 2001, when the 30-year collection amassed by private collector David L. Auclair fetched a total of $700,000. The collection was sold in more than 1,200 lots during a two-day auction event.

Where to Find Pricing Information

You don't have to spend huge sums of money to collect Roseville pottery. Items that sell for large amounts are the oldest and rarest specimens in mint condition.The amount you have to pay depends on your goals as a collector. If you are determined to own the finest examples of the most hard-to-find pieces, you can expect to pay a premium. However, if you simply want to build a collection of interesting Roseville pottery, you can find reasonably priced collectibles.

One of the best ways to learn about open market prices for Roseville pottery, and any other types of antiques or collectibles, is to study the results of recent auction sales and research current asking prices.

Auction Results

Viewing the results of antique auctions can give collectors a good idea of market value for particular styles. Looking at actual sale prices can be very beneficial, particularly for those considering purchasing pieces through an auction house or via an online auction.

  • The Wolf's Auction Gallery website includes archives of past auctions, and provides photos, comprehensive descriptions, and selling prices.
  • The outcomes of the 2004 Sheridan & Associates auction include photos and reveal selling prices along with posted bids the seller chose not to accept.

Roseville for Sale

Looking at the asking prices of items currently for sale is a good way to visualize pricing differences among varying styles of Roseville pottery, as well as to compare the variation in pricing for similar pieces from one seller to another.

  • The online inventory of the Arts & Crafts Antique Gallery features pictures of current inventory with pricing information.
  • The Michiana Antique Mall publishes photos and pricing of current inventory. Site visitors can register to receive email notifications when additional items are added.
  • There is usually a wide selection of Roseville pieces on eBay. You can get a good idea about which pieces are in the greatest demand from watching eBay auctions and keeping up with winning bids.
  • Get to know the proprietors of antique shops in your community. Let them know you are interested in researching Roseville pottery prices. They may be able to refer you to stores or dealers who specialize in the types of items that interest you. Whether they are able to share firsthand information, or steer you to locations where you can research pricing on your own, having a knowledgeable professional antiquarian in your corner is a great benefit for any collector.

Book Values

Collectors can take advantage of the many books published on the subject of Roseville pottery prices. It is a good idea to take a valuation publication with you when shopping for collectibles or attending antique auctions so you can easily determine if asking prices are fair.

Beware of Fakes

Keep in mind that if a deal seems too good to be true, it just might be a scam. There is a significant quantity of fake Roseville pottery floating around on the open market. The best way to protect yourself is to learn how to tell the difference between the genuine item and a forgery.

The following resources are dedicated to protecting collectors from purchasing counterfeit items:

  • The eBay Roseville forum is a great resource for learning about all types of issues relevant to building your collection, including how to protect yourself from falling for scams.
  • The Roseville Pottery Exchange's guide to fake pottery provides examples of what to look for when checking markings for authenticity.

The Value of Roseville Pottery Collectibles

For many people, the best part of building a collection is the joy of searching for great pieces, and the thrill of unearthing a bargain. By keeping up with current auctions and antique store inventories, you'll be ready to act the next time you come across a great deal. Keep in mind that much of the value of any collectible item lies not with how much it costs, but in what it adds to your collection. For more pottery values, explore antique stoneware crocks.

Roseville Pottery Prices