Reproduction Victorian Furniture Buying Guide

Updated September 18, 2020
Victorian style sofa

Victorian reproduction furniture is a great way to express your taste in antiques without breaking the bank. Fabulous finds are available from many manufacturers, and the updated versions fit within any budget. Learn how to identify modern Victorian reproductions and choose pieces that blend perfectly with authentic antique items in your home.

Identifying Reproduction Victorian Furniture

Victorian reproduction furniture is designed to look almost exactly like the pieces popular in the last half of the 19th century. Think solid wood frames, intricate carving, and sumptuous upholstery. You'll see dark woods and fabrics like velvet and brocade. Most reproduction furniture manufacturers copy styles from antique pieces or may create new pieces with antique style accents.

How Can You Tell an Antique From a Reproduction?

Sometimes, Victorian reproduction furniture can be so well made that it is difficult to tell apart from genuine antique Victorian pieces. However, there are some antique furniture identification tips you can use to help:

  • Look for signs of age. A new reproduction piece will be in perfect condition, but an antique will show subtle signs of its age. There will be separation between boards, wear to some surfaces, and other normal age indications.
  • Check the hardware. An antique will have hardware appropriate for the era. A newer piece may have quality hardware in an antique style, but each item of hardware will be slightly different from the others and will show patina.
  • Examine the screws. A new piece will have new screws.
  • Check the odor. A new Victorian reproduction will smell like new fabric or varnish. An older piece may have an odor of age or no odor at all.
Victorian style chair

Is a Reproduction the Same as a Fake?

It's important to note that a reproduction is not the same as a fake. A Victorian reproduction is not intended to fool anyone into thinking it is an antique. Instead, it's a modern celebration of an older style. A fake, on the other hand, is a new piece that someone is passing off as old.

Reproduction Furniture Quality

Buying reproduction furniture doesn't mean you have to settle for substandard quality in the materials being used. Reproductions aren't always made of fiberboard and covered in a laminate. Quality furniture manufacturers will use new hardwoods, hand carvings, and marble. Occasionally, they may also use thin veneers, such as black walnut. This is usually done when the original pieces being copied were made of woods that are no longer readily available.

victorian style velvet sofa

Victorian Reproduction Furniture Manufacturers

Reproduction furniture is a great way to add some lovely pieces to a Victorian interior. There are many manufacturers of Victorian reproduction furniture, both in your local retail stores and on the internet. These are some of the manufacturers that specialize in creating beautiful reproduction pieces.

Victorian Trading Co. - Affordable Accent Furniture

Specializing in all things Victorian, the Victorian Trading Co. offers a good selection of affordable reproduction pieces. This is a great source for accent furniture like reproduction Victorian upholstered side chairs, end tables, and library steps. You'll also find furniture crafted from wicker and metal.

victorian style chair

Rich Farrell Furniture - Heirloom Quality

Rich Farrell Furniture specializes in artisan-crafted furniture made from maple and other quality materials. At first glance, the living rooms sets with their period details and upholstery are nearly indistinguishable from genuine antiques.

Belvidere Reproductions - Custom Designs

Belvidere Reproductions offers a series of handmade English oak furniture and also specializes in custom designs. This is a great resource for that special Victorian reproduction piece that needs to fit a specific location or match other furniture in your home.

white sofa in victorian style

Laurel Crown Furniture - Handmade Quality

With every piece made by hand, Laurel Crown Furniture prides itself on quality and historical accuracy when it comes to Victorian reproduction furniture. It's a good source for authentic upholstered pieces and wood furniture, including sofas, dressers, tables, and chairs.

Magnolia Hall - Victorian Blended With Contemporary

If you are looking for reproduction Victorian furniture that blends with a more contemporary aesthetic, Magnolia Hall may be the answer. Here, you'll find sofas and other pieces that are less focused on period authenticity and more on modern living with period details.

elegant Victorian chair

Have Fun Decorating in a Victorian Style

Decorating your home with Victorian reproduction furniture can be a lot of fun. Take some time to learn about the Victorian colors and motifs that can give your interiors a genuine feel. An authentic period room will have Victorian fabrics, wall coverings, furniture, and Victorian home accents. Finally, have fun collecting and decorating. The final product should be a combination of Victorian flair, as well as personal touches by you.

Reproduction Victorian Furniture Buying Guide