7 Vintage Fisher Price Toys That Are Worth a Lot of Money

Experience your childhood again with these classic vintage Fisher Price toys.

Published April 4, 2023

Sure, you remember growing up on Mattel and Hasbro, but you don't remember the first toys that introduced you to how fun the world can be - Fisher Price. The premier infant and toddler toy brand, Fisher Price has been around since 1930, and in those many decades, they've made thousands of iconic toys. Today, vintage Fisher Price toys sell incredibly well when they're not being lovingly slobbered over by the newest generation.

Raggedy Ann & Andy Wood Pull Toy

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Kids today might not remember those famous red-headed rag dolls, but if you grew up in the mid-century, you remember seeing them plastered on toys and books. Fisher Price joined the Raggedy Ann & Andy train with their 1941 drumming pull toy. A simple construction of paper cutouts stuck to wood shapes, this toy had Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy seated on either side of a drum, and with every inch forward, their mallet-holding hands would strike it.

Because they're such iconic characters, and it's an old toy to survive to today, it's worth quite a lot. It might even be the most expensive vintage Fisher Price toy that's every sold at auction, seeing as it went for $5,000 in 2015.

Doughboy Donald Duck Pull Toy

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Toddlers are hardly happier than when they're dragging something behind them, and Fisher Price capitalized on that joy decades ago. Their wooden pull toys are simple and yet still so popular. Some of their rarest pull toys come from the early war years in the late 1930-1940s because the company had to shut down production in 1943 'til the end of the war.

A coveted pull toy character is the Doughboy Donald, which was just their interpretation of Donald Duck. Fisher Price wooden pull toys with his character are worth around $1,000. In 2023, one of these quacking Doughboy Donald pull toys sold for $975 on eBay.

Little People's Family Airport Playset

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One of the earliest Fisher Price Little People playsets from the 1970s was the airport. Equipped with a helicopter, airplane, and even luggage carts to transport bags and passengers to and from the plane, this set does great on the resale market. Because it's from this early Little People playset period, it can be worth upwards of $500. Recently, one complete set with the original box sold for $450 online.

Always keep on the lookout for any 1970s or 1980s Fisher Price toys that still have their original packaging because it can increase their value significantly.

Little People Sesame Street Apartment Playset

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For kids programming in the 1970s, it didn't get bigger than Sesame Street. The first licensed Fisher Price toy for their Little People's line was the Sesame Street Apartment playset in 1975. From the comfort of your living room, you could go on adventures with Big Bird and Bert and Ernie across their quaint neighborhood.

It was a massive success, and this pack-and-play Fisher Price toy still kills it online. The more complete your vintage Sesame Street playset is, the more you can sell for it. Don't forget the cute accessories from the show, like the iconic Sesame Street light pole. Generally, these can sell for around $300-$500, like this complete, used set that sold for $400.

Little People McDonald's Playhouse

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Another Little People's playset that lives in our heads rent free is the McDonald's playhouse. The second of their licensing playsets, this one was unparalleled in how whacky of a concept it was at the time. And yet, what kid wouldn't want to emulate one of their favorite activities at home? So, it turned into a smash hit and continues to be a popular thrift store grab.

If you've held onto your McDonald's playset for all these years, you could be about $200-$400 richer, depending on how well you've kept up with it. For example, this unboxed but complete McDonald's playset recently sold for $318.77 on eBay.

Little People Safety School Bus

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Fisher Price's Safety School Bus marked a huge shift for their peg-style toys. Before 1959, you couldn't move the little plastic people in and out of their cars. Yet, the Safety School Bus only had one permanent piece (the driver), with the other spaces open for you to move passengers to in and out. It gave kids a way to interact with their playsets more, which, as it turned out, was the right way to go.

In the best condition, these can sell in the mid-hundreds, and they hardly ever sell for under $100. In fact, this well-used one that's definitely seen better days sold for $225 online.

Popeye the Sailor Wood Pull Toy

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Fisher Price wasn't only known for partnering with Disney in their early days, but other famous animated characters as well. Popeye the Sailor captivated both kids and adults, and Fisher Price created several toys using the character's likeness. One of these is a pull toy with a wooden figure of Popeye holding two drum mallets that, when pulled, would strike a tall can of spinach. For a vintage pull toy, it's worth a fair bit at about $100-$150. One just sold for $130.36 on eBay, even with a missing mallet head.

The Stuff That Makes Vintage Fisher Price Toys Worth Finding


Fisher Price is one of the most recognizable toy brands in history, and there's no lack of vintage Fisher Price toys in thrift stores across America. When you're browsing through their inventory or your old boxes from memory lane, look for these key characteristics:

  • Toys manufactured during the 1930s-1940s. The earliest Fisher Price toys are usually paper cutouts pasted onto wood figures which have some kind of animated or moving component, and they do incredibly well at auction.
  • Little People playsets are the way to go. Grab any boxed or complete Little People playsets from the 1950s-1980s and you'll be looking at some quick cash turnarounds.
  • Complete toy sets are worth more than incomplete ones. So, make sure you look through all the nooks and crannies to see if you can discover a completed set.
  • Keep your eyes open for licensed merchandise. Anything made with a recognizable character on it (like Donald Duck or Sesame Street) is going to perform well on the resell market.

Vintage Fisher Price Toys That People Buy Hook, Line, and Sinker

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Generations of people have grown up on Fisher Price toys. Today's electronic fake tablets are yesteryear's wooden pull toys. While the trends might have changed, our love for Fisher Price hasn't, and there are tons of vintage Fisher Price toys worth saving from thrift store floors.

7 Vintage Fisher Price Toys That Are Worth a Lot of Money