Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine History, Values and Models

Updated June 21, 2022
Necchi H5808 Bergen - Egon C

Vintage Necchi sewing machines can be just as useful today as when they were made. These quality Italian sewing machines hold their value well, and they are in demand among sewing enthusiasts who prefer using vintage equipment. Find out about the different Necchi sewing machine models and what makes these machines valuable.

History of Necchi Sewing Machines

Like other antique sewing machine brands, the history of the Necchi company is fascinating. Vittorio Necchi was the son of a cast iron machinery founder. When Necchi returned home from World War I, his wife asked him for a sewing machine. Instead of buying from another brand like Singer, he decided to create his own. According to the Necchi company, his first production machine emerged from the factory in 1924. It was an instant success, and by 1930, they were producing nearly 20,000 Necchi sewing machines each year. In the 1950s, Necchi machines set the standard for style and elegance, and the brand is still in production today. Although they have never been as well known as some other sewing machine brands like Singer, Necchi has a loyal following, and there are some beautiful vintage Necchi models coveted by collectors.

Notable Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine Models

Over the years, Necchi has made a number of important technological advancements in its sewing machines. These changes resulted in some notable antique sewing machine models, including those listed here.

Necchi BU

The company introduced the Necchi BU in 1932. This revolutionary machine produced a beautiful zigzag stitch, and the company claims it as the first domestic zigzag machine on the market. In addition, this machine could sew buttonholes and decorative stitches, making it popular with home sewers who wanted a machine that could do a bit more than the standard straight stitch.

Necchi Supernova

Endorsed by model and actress Sophia Lauren, the Necchi Supernova captured world attention. This machine, released in 1954, was so well-designed that it won awards. It was fully automatic and included a number of zigzag and other stitch patterns, making it versatile, fast, and easy to use. It may be the best vintage Necchi sewing machine for people who want a combination of quality, features, and value.

Necchi BF Mira

The Necchi BF Mira is another 1950s Necchi sewing machine collectors love. It has adjustable feed dogs and a low shank. This is a simpler straight stitch machine and doesn't have all the features of the Supernova. However, it's well made and is still a great choice for people who want a usable and stylish vintage sewing machine.

Dating an Old Necchi Sewing Machine

Unfortunately, there's no reliable Necchi sewing machine serial number lookup or model number pattern to help you date your machine. The company didn't follow a chronological numbering pattern and even reused some numbers along the way. However, identifying the model of your Necchi will help you figure out its age.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to look at the features of the machine and then compare those to the models made by the company. Once you narrow it down, you can determine which model you have and use this vintage Necchi sewing machine date chart, based on information compiled by the Necchi Sewing Machine Club, to get a rough idea of when it was made.

Model Features Years Made
BU Green or black in color, zig-zag stitch 1948 - 1953
BU Mira Olive green color, zig-zag stitch 1952 - 1956
BU Supernova Gray color, zig-zag stitch 1955 - 1958
Miracle Black color, straight stitch 1955
BF Supernova Gray color, straight stitch 1955 - 1962
522/Lycia White color, zig-zag stitch 1955
514/Nora Gray or pink color, insertable cams 1957 - 1961
515/Leila Pink or cream color, insertable cams 1963 - 1971
534/Supernova Julia Lavender color, insertable cams 1961 - 1971

Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine Values

If you're wondering how much a vintage Necchi sewing machine is worth, you may be surprised to learn these machines can even exceed many models of antique Singers when it comes to value. Vintage Necchis have a reputation for incredible quality, and they were never made in the same quantities as more established vintage sewing machine brands. This means they are somewhat rare. If you can find one in good condition, it may be worth $400 or more.

Factors Affecting How Much a Necchi Sewing Machine Is Worth

There are several factors that can affect the value of a vintage Necchi. If you're considering buying or selling one, it's good to know what to consider.

  • Functionality - If the sewing machine functions properly, it's always worth more than the same vintage Necchi model that doesn't work.
  • Accessories - If the machine includes accessories, such as a Necchi sewing machine cabinet and extra feet or decorative stitch cams, it will be worth more.
  • Cosmetic condition - A Necchi with lots of scratches, dents, or dings will not be worth as much as one in perfect cosmetic shape.
  • Model - Certain vintage Necchi sewing machine models are worth more than others. Supernovas, in particular, can be quite valuable.
Vintage Sewing Machine Necchi Type 523 Very Rare Purple Color

Example Values for Vintage Necchi Sewing Machines

The best way to figure out how much an old Necchi sewing machine is worth is to compare it to recent sales of the same model in similar condition. Here are some sample values of recently sold machines:

  • A 1950s Necchi Supernova with its original case and all its accessories sold for about $585.
  • A Necchi BF Mira in functional but somewhat rough condition with its case and some accessories sold for about $100.
  • A Necchi BU that had many accessories, including the original case, and was in good condition sold for about $270.

Where to Buy Vintage Necchi Sewing Machines for Sale

Because vintage Necchi sewing machines have heavy metal parts and substantial cabinets, they can be expensive to ship. For this reason, it's good to look for them at local antique shops, estate sales, and thrift stores. You can also watch classified ads for deals. If you take the time to wait for the perfect machine, you could end up with a vintage Necchi you'll love for decades to come. Now it's time to consider another classic, vintage White sewing machines.

Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine History, Values and Models