25 Genius Uses for Baby Wipes to Make Your Life Easier

If you're already lugging around baby wipes in a diaper bag, you might as well make the most of them. They're super useful.

Published March 15, 2023

Whether you already have baby wipes because you have, well, a baby - or because you find them super useful, are you sure you're using them to their greatest capacity? These handy pre-moistened wipes are more than God's gift to baby's bottom. They're also here to make your life easier in oh so many ways.

Use Baby Wipes to Clean Keyboards


You know those crumbs and inevitably sticky keys that always just seems to happen? That is a problem for past you. Give your keyboards, both your computer and piano keys, a swipe with baby wipes. Don't forget your mouse (the computer kind, not the fluffy kind).

Use Baby Wipes for Cleaning Stubborn White Boards


If you're like me and you have a house of at least four or five whiteboards, you know that sometimes those markers just won't budge. Grab those baby wipes to erase those stubborn streaks.

Keep Your Phone Clean


Finger prints, smears, and who knows what else adorn your phone. Give it a shine with a few swipes of a baby wipe.

Say Goodbye to Deodorant Marks


We've all hastily dressed and started to run out the door, only to find out that the outfit we painstakingly planned is now decorated with smears of deodorant. Take a breath, grab that baby wipe, and get on with your day.

Remove Makeup


Ever crawled into bed after a long day or longer night, only to realize you left your makeup on? Maybe you just want to clean off your face before you hit the gym. Whatever it is, grab your stash and it's no problem.

Clean Sticky Hands on the Go


At a ballpark with mustardy fingers, on a road trip with jelly hands, invariably you're caught out with dirty, gooey fingers and no sink. Your pal, the baby wipe, will be there for you.

Give the Inside of Your Car a Swipe


Watching the time slowly tick by while you wait for your car to defrost, or you're impatiently waiting in the car for someone else to finally hop in? Channel that tapping foot with a swipe, swipe, swipe of the baby wipe across those plastic surfaces instead. Avoid the windows though. Streaks won't make for a fun ride.

Clean Up After the Gym


Who among us hasn't had to run from a workout or a practice to an event without being able to take a shower? Life happens. Grab a baby wipe, or a few, and give yourself an on-the-go shower until you can scrub up for real.

Use Baby Wipes for Easy Floor Cleaning


You know when a little sauce splats onto the floor? And there's nothing worse or more soul crushing than digging out the mop or having to use 12 paper towels to clean it all up. Slap a baby wipe onto your Swiffer or take care of it yourself. Problem? What problem?

Use Baby Wipes to Clean Your Shoes


A bit of mud on your dress shoe? Not anymore, you don't. Give it a quick polish and you're on your way.

For the shoes you can't toss into the washer, give them a quick swipe on the inside. You don't want to keep trekking that mud, sweat, and odor around.

Clean Your Feet


Anytime I walk all day in sandals, my feet somehow look as if I wasn't wearing shoes at all. Give them a quick clean-up with baby wipes.

Give Your Drawers a Quick Clean


I'm guilty of my junk drawer accumulating little bits of paper and who knows what else. Baby wipes make those drawers feel a little more grown-up.

Use Baby Wipes to Clean Up Pet Hair - But Keep Them Away From Fido!


Does anyone else just end up kicking up pet hair while you're trying to clean it up and making no progress? Because same. Use a baby wipe to corral those hairs instead. But don't use baby wipes on your fur babies.

Wipe Down Hearing Aids


The human body accumulates a lot of things, and anything that touches the body does too. Don't spend another morning going, "I really need to clean these." Take an alcohol-free baby wipe to your hearing aids, and they'll be good as new.

Clean Your CPAP


Give your CPAP a quick clean with a baby wipe. Even better, you can leave these in the nightstand so they're always ready to go.

Clean Quartz & Granite Countertops


Keep your quartz or granite countertops clean and sparkling with baby wipes. This means you don't need to track down your spray bottle of cleaner every time it needs a little polish.

Clean Your Cricut Mat


Cleaning up a craft project doesn't need to be an event in and of itself anymore. Keep some baby wipes handy, and it's over and done with in a second.

Bring Baby Wipes on Your Plane Ride


Yes, airplanes are cleaned between passengers. Quickly. So very quickly. Give your seat arms, screen, and tray table a swift wipe so you can sip, nap, and fly in a cleaner-than-before haven.

Clean Up Wet Paint and Nail Polish


Paint does what it wants. So when it decides to drip somewhere you weren't interested in painting, be it on the wall or giving yourself a manicure, clean it up with a baby wipe before it dries.

Quickly Clean Kids' Toys


Kids' toys always collect mystery substances. That's one of Murphy's Laws. Baby wipes may not solve the mystery, but they'll sure make sure it disappears.

Speed Clean Sinks


Sinks. My nemesis. They always accumulate who-knows-what, and then the tap handles and faucet? Don't get me started. I may have cleaned all of it two hours ago and yet, you'd never know. Baby wipes keep me from losing my mind and keep my sinks sparkling.

Say Goodbye to Dusty Baseboards


Baseboards should be called dust boards. Run a baby wipe along your boards, and they'll shine.

Clean Up Your Microfiber Couch - But Leave Your Leather Furniture Out of It


Lightly run a baby wipe over your microfiber furniture to pick up any hairs, dust, and everything else it collects. Skip your leather furniture, as baby wipes could cause it to crack.

Take Care of Wayward Hairspray


Make-up, done. Hair, done. Hairspray all over your ears and neck? Not you, you took a baby wipe to that wayward hairspray.

Say Goodbye to Sticky, Smelly Fridges


Fridges should be enticing with all those snacks and foods. Wipe down your shelves and keep your fridge clean, inside and out, with a baby wipe.

Baby Wipe Hacks for Life


Add baby wipes to your next grocery run to simplify life and hack your way to a cleaner, less sticky day. Suddenly, your day is cleared up and you can watch that extra episode. All that's left is to light a candle to unwind after all that cleaning.

25 Genius Uses for Baby Wipes to Make Your Life Easier