Best 31-Day Bill Organizer Types

Updated August 3, 2020
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Digital bill organizers are everywhere. However, they aren't great at keeping your mailed bills organized. Having a 31-day bill organizer can help you stay on top of all your financial responsibilities, ensuring you don't have any surprise payments at the end of the month. Explore several physical 31-day bill organizers you can buy online. Or you can even make your own.

What Is a 31-Day Bill Organizer?

A 31-day bill organizer is a compact unit that contains slots or compartments designed to hold your various bills and invoices in such a manner they are easy to sort and find. They come in different varieties. Whatever type of bill organizer you choose, you're sure to appreciate the added order it brings into your life. Never again will you have to search frantically or pay a bill at the last minute.

Wooden 31-Slot Bill Organizers

If you are looking to add a little style with your functionality, then a wooden bill organizer can look great on your desk or in your home. There are plenty of places to purchase a 31-day bill organizer if you are shopping options online; however, you can find them in-store too.

JUMBL 17 - 31-Day Slot Wooden Bill/Letter Organizer

Available in black on Amazon, the JUMBL bill organizer offers slots for each individual day from the 1st to the 31st for incoming mail. It also has a handy drawer for placing checkbooks, keys, miscellaneous papers, and even notes to remember when bill time comes. At 17 inches in length, this leaves ample room for all the different mail that comes in. Additionally, the sleek design makes it look great on your desk for $40.

TSF Wooden Desk Organizer

At Walmart, TSF offers you a quick and easy bill organization solution with their light wood finished 31-day bill slot organizer. In addition to the 31 individual slots separated by plastic dividers, the drawer in this organizer has separators making it great for storing pens, stamps, rubber bands, and more. At $35, this can make a great gift for a disorganized friend or a must have home office accessory.

Wooden Desk Organizer with Drawers
Wooden Desk Organizer w/ Drawers Office Desktop Stand Tabletop Rack File Holder-31 Day Bill Box

Expressions Olde World Desk Organizer

If you're looking for something unique to organize your bills, Expressions Olde World Desk Organizer has it covered. Crafted of wood, vinyl, and antique leather-bound books, these organizers have a rustic, library feel. The drawer works great for holding odds and ends while the removable slots give you more room for specific days where lots of bills have come in. The fact that they are created from antique books just adds to the appeal. However, the unique look will cost around $49.

Expandable Accordion 31-Day Desk Organizers

If you don't want to purchase a wooden bill organizer, you can purchase a mail folder with 31 numbered pockets. Many of these are soft enough to fasten and stick in a desk drawer, while being durable enough to protect your bills from spills or other around-the-house accidents.

TRU RED ColorWave Reinforced According File

Staples offers several mail storage solutions including the $30 TRU RED according 31-pocket mail organizers. This organizer offers an easy to follow numbering scheme for all 31 days in navy. However, it can also be purchased in brown. The deep pockets of this organizer are letter size, and it's expandable to hold lots of mail. For environmentally conscious purchasers, this product is made from cardstock rather than plastic.

TRU RED ColorWave Reinforced Accordion File
TRU RED? ColorWave Reinforced Accordion File

Pandaflex Heavy-Duty Expanding Open Top File

One of the biggest problems with an accordion-style 31-day bill slot organizer is the fact that they wear over time. To help with this issue, Pendaflex heavy-duty organizer is Tyvek reinforced on the top. This means that the numbered top with withstand wear over time. And at a price of $16, it's hard to match.

DIY 31-Day Bill Organizer

A final solution for those looking for an organizer, specifically for bills and invoices, is to make one yourself. This is a good idea for those who are crafty and prefer a personalized look. DIY 31-day bill organizers can be made using a simple box and card stock to make the 31 slots. You can then use markers, rubber stamps, or decoupage to decorate the box. Or you might choose to create the whole thing from the ground up. This way you can design your bill organizer to look any way you want it to, and it can even become a conversation piece for those who admire your handiwork.

Keeping Your Bills Organized

Organization is a skill that not everyone possesses. Therefore, having an easy-to-use tool to help you along the way can make sure everything gets paid on time. Plus, they work great in conjunction with digital bill planners.

Best 31-Day Bill Organizer Types