8 Places You Can Use Baking Soda to Remove Odor

You don't need a bunch of different odor neutralizers for your home. Common household odors are no match for these baking soda hacks.

Published March 6, 2023

You already know that baking soda removes odors, but there may be a few places you never considered using it for a refresh. Try these baking soda odor removing hacks to get your home smelling fresh and clean the easy way. Baking soda for smells in your bathroom, bedroom, and pet items will show you just how versatile this odor-neutralizing product is.

Refresh Your Carpet


Carpets and rugs can hold many odors and leave you scratching your head as you search for the hidden smell. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the smelly carpet and let it sit as long as possible, ideally overnight, so it can absorb as much of the odor as it can. You can vacuum the excess away if you have a strong vacuum or absorb some of the baking soda with a damp cloth and vinegar first. Make sure you get all the baking soda out so the moisture-attracting properties don't create mildew.

Clean & Deodorize Your Trash Can


Baking soda works in two ways to keep your trash can free of lingering odors. First, routinely clean your in-home trash can as well as your outdoor garbage cans with baking soda to keep them from holding on to old odors. Just make a cleaning paste with baking soda and a bit of lemon juice. Scrub your trash cans inside and out and then rinse. To extend the clean smell, sprinkle a generous dusting of baking soda in the bottom of your garbage can before adding a new trash bag.

Lift Smells From Your Pet's Bed


Pet beds and other areas where they frequently sleep might smell after repeated use. Keep your pet beds fresh between washes with a baking soda refresh. Much like deodorizing your carpet, sprinkling a little baking soda on your pet's bed and allowing it to set before shaking it out and wiping the baking soda away will absorb all those unwanted odors.

Freshen Up Your Mattress


Baking soda is great for all those places in your home that might be tough to clean and keep fresh. A sprinkling of baking soda on your mattress will absorb odors and even aid in removing stains. Be sure to use a damp cloth to absorb the excess before using you vacuum to get the mattress entirely clean.

Keep Your Vacuum Smelling New


A bit of baking soda in the bag or canister of your vacuum not only helps absorb odors, but it can also help your vacuum run more efficiently. Add about one cup of baking soda to your vacuum canister to soak up all the odors in your home as you clean.

Clean & Refresh Your Drains


If your sink or shower drain is emitting an unpleasant smell, it might be time to use this easy and effective baking soda hack. After cleaning your sink or shower, add a generous amount of baking soda on and around the drain. Add a splash of vinegar and thoroughly rinse the area. The baking soda and vinegar mixture will wash away grime and absorb all those unwanted odors on the way down.

Absorb Odors in a Litter Box


You might not expect your cat's litter box to smell like a bed of roses, but you certainly don't want it to smell like what it is. Sprinkle baking soda on the litter regularly to absorb odors between cleanings.

Eliminate Odors From Coolers & Thermoses


Coolers are great for keeping things cold, but they often trap the odors of the items they store. Use baking soda and vinegar to clean your cooler and give it a thorough rinse and dry with a towel. For extra strong odors, let the baking soda sit for a while. This hack also works well for thermoses and lunch boxes.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Odors for Good


Breathe in all the fresh, clean air with the help of these baking soda hacks. You might even find a few unexpected places to try baking soda as a clever smell-absorbing home hack. With enough baking soda on hand, you'll be well on your way to tackling all those common household odors.

8 Places You Can Use Baking Soda to Remove Odor