Complete Bedroom Cleaning Checklist to Reset Your Oasis

Published October 24, 2022
Woman making her bed and tidying her bedroom

You walked into your bedroom, tripped over the clothes, and landed face-first on your bed. Something needs to change. Bedrooms are an area that only you enjoy, so without the threat of guests traipsing through them, bedrooms are easy to neglect. Maybe a checklist will help? Try an easy-to-follow daily and weekly bedroom cleaning checklist that also breaks down seasonal cleaning into easy steps.

Daily Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

You don't just blink and suddenly have Roomzilla screaming at you. It happens over time. As the days get away from you, the clutter starts to build. But don't worry - there's good news. You can triumph over Roomzilla with a daily room cleaning checklist. If you've got 10 to 15 minutes per day, you can get control of your bedroom before Roomzilla gets control of you.

  • Pick up dirty clothes
  • Put trash in basket
  • Clean up clutter and tidy up
  • Put away clean clothes
  • Make bed

Weekly Room Cleaning Checklist

Saturday and Sunday give you a little more time to clean. So rather than the five minutes you usually have before you get ready for work or school, you can spend some time making your bedroom something that won't haunt you for the rest of the week. Make an investment in having a good week by taking time to get things clean on the weekend.

  • Strip the bed
  • Spot clean mattress and pillows
  • Pick up and remove trash
  • Take dirty clothes to laundry room
  • Declutter the room (create like piles for putting away)
  • Put away clothes and organize
  • Dust furniture, windowsills, frames, decorations, and curtains
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Vacuum or sweep floors
  • Shake out rugs
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Dust fixtures and fans
  • Sanitize door handles
  • Make bed

Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist

Weekly cleaning helps you stay ahead of the clutter and makes your bedroom presentable. But deep cleaning is about tackling those scary areas like your shoes or under your bed. Deep cleaning is also a good time to take a look at the small details that you may miss in your day-to-day cleaning. You can do this seasonally or about every three months.


Your bed needs more than freshly washed blankets to be clean. You also need to clean and deodorize your mattress and check your box spring.

  • Switch out blankets for weather
  • Vacuum mattress
  • Wash pillows
  • Wash comforter and duvet cover
  • Flip and spot clean mattresses
  • Deodorize mattress with baking soda
  • Remake bed


If you want your bedroom to be your oasis, getting rid of clutter is important. Evaluate everything in your bedroom and get rid of things you aren't using.

Young woman sorting wardrobe
  • Declutter room
  • Store seasonal clothing
  • Set up an organization system
  • Evaluate clothing that needs to be thrown away
  • Organize and put away accessories
  • Pull everything out from under bed and evaluate

Dust, Clean, Check, and Replace

While you are moving around your room to clean and dust fixtures and remotes, check the bulbs and batteries too.

  • Wash curtains
  • Wash walls and fixtures
  • Steam furniture
  • Polish wood furniture
  • Wash doors
  • Wash ceiling fans
  • Check remotes and batteries
  • Replace lights
  • Throw away trash and unwanted clutter


Do the floors last. Everything you knock down is going to fall on the floor, so it doesn't make sense to clean it until you're done whipping up a dust storm with the rest of your cleaning.

  • Sweep or vacuum
  • Shake out rugs
  • Clean stains on rugs
  • Deep clean carpets or mop flooring
  • Clean baseboards
  • Wash vents

Checklist for Speed Cleaning

While there's nobody standing over you with a stopwatch as you clean your bedroom, sometimes speed is of the essence. For instance, if you've got a guest coming over in an hour and you have a dirty guest room, then you need to get it clean fast. After you grab all the supplies you need, follow this quick checklist.

Strip the Bed

Start by stripping the bed to remove the old sheets and pillowcases. This way, you can check the mattress and mattress cover to see if any spot cleaning is needed before putting on the fresh sheets. You can then pile the comforter and pillows on the bed to keep them out of way.

Sort the Clutter

Grab a bunch of baskets. Typically, five or so will work. Grab all the clutter around the room and sort it into different baskets by item. For example, dirty clothes basket, clean clothes basket, electronics basket, books basket, jewelry basket, accessory basket, etc. If you don't have enough baskets, just start making piles on the bed. Aim for completing this in five minutes or less.

Wipe Everything Down

The clutter is out of the way. So, your dressers, tables, nightstands, etc. should all be cleared. Wet down a microfiber cloth and wipe everything down, including mirrors. Take a look at windows, windowsills, light fixtures, and fans. Give them a quick wipe-down if they need it.

Put Everything Away

With all the clutter sorted into piles, you can work on one pile at a time. Start with the largest first, which is typically dirty or clean clothes. Put dirty clothes in the laundry room and fold and put away the clean clothes. Then move down to the next largest pile until you've successfully put everything away. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be tidy. You'll also want to take out the trash.

Remake Bed and Sweep

Nothing is better than fresh sheets and clean floors to finish off a room. However, you'll want to also check your curtains. If they look dirty, give them a vacuum to remove the dust. You might also pull them off and shake them out, too. You may not have time to clean them, but that doesn't mean they should be dusty.

Tricks to Make Cleaning Your Room Bearable

Fun and cleaning don't typically mix, right? Well, that's not completely true. You can make cleaning fun. Try out these tips to get the most out of cleaning your room.

  • Throw on some headphones and listen to your favorite tunes or audiobook.
  • Turn your favorite show on the TV to catch up while you clean.
  • Make cleaning your weekend workout.
  • Give yourself a facial while you clean.
  • Make it a game by setting time limits for certain tasks.
  • Make it a family affair, and talk while you do it.
  • Dance while you work.
  • Reward yourself for cleaning.

Simple Bedroom Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Space Tidy

Your bedroom isn't an area that guests typically see. So, when it comes to cleaning, it's an area you let slip so after a while, cleaning it can seem like an insurmountable task. Use a cleaning checklist to help keep you on task. Because a clean room is good for both your mental health and finding that missing sock.

Complete Bedroom Cleaning Checklist to Reset Your Oasis