Blue Gold Cleaner: Guide to Safe and Powerful Cleaning

Updated June 15, 2021
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Looking for an industrial-strength cleaner you can use in your home? Blue Gold is the answer. Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner is a non-toxic, concentrated cleaner you can use for a variety of purposes. Learn more about what Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner is, how to use it, and the safety facts.

What Is Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner?

Maybe you've heard the name Blue Gold. Maybe you haven't. But just in case you aren't acquainted with Blue Gold cleaners, it's a liquid, water-soluble cleaner that's available in concentrated form. Since it's concentrated, you need to mix Blue Gold with water. The ratio of the mixture depends on what you're cleaning. For example, you might use it in a more concentrated mixture in a shop than at home. Additionally, it's an effective multi-purpose cleaner.

The Power of Blue Gold Cleaner

So what does Blue Gold do? Well, it actually does quite a lot. It removes build-up and grime from a variety of surfaces without causing damage to the surface. It can safely clean painted surfaces, rubber, silicone, metal, leather, carpet, electric wiring insulation, and many other materials, according to Blue Gold's creator Modern Chemical. Unlike other powerful cleaners, it can clean aluminum without showing corrosion.

More Bang for Your Buck

In addition to being a versatile industrial cleaner, Blue Gold cleaner is economical. Why? Well, Blue Gold is concentrated, so a little can go a long way. That means you can mix it as needed for each job, making it last longer. While 32 ounces might cost you 22 bucks on Amazon, when it is used at its recommended 5% concentration, the cost per useable gallon is under a dollar. And, it has a long shelf life.

Non-Toxic Cleaner

Modern Chemical notes its product is listed as non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. Additionally, every ingredient used to make Blue Gold is on the TSCA inventory list. It has no biological oxygen demand and no volatile organic compounds.

Where Is Blue Gold Used?

Blue gold is a versatile industrial cleaner with several different applications. According to Modern Chemical, this cleaner can be used in various applications, including aerospace, automotive, diving, electronics, irrigation, and utilities. However, you can also use it in your home.

Using Blue Gold in Your Home

You can use Blue Gold in all areas of your home, depending on your needs and the concentration.

  • Light cleaning: Create a 1:32 mixture of Blue Gold to water to clean and degrease air conditioners, lawn furniture, coffee pots, floors, mold in the bathroom, and soap scum.
  • Moderate cleaning: Mix a 1:20 mixture of Blue gold to water for removing crayon marks, cleaning patios, stripping wax, and degreasing sidewalks.
  • Heavy Cleaning: Create a 1:3 mixture of Blue Gold to water for removing oil in the driveway, degreasing your oven, and scrubbing a barbeque grill.
  • Carpet cleaning: Add 1 once of Blue Gold to a gallon of water and use it in your carpet cleaner to clean your carpets.

Blue Gold Cleaner Consumer Safety Information

While Blue Gold Cleaner is listed as a non-toxic and safe cleaner, you can find some hazard information on the material safety data sheet. Since this product contains Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether and Disodium Trioxosilicate, there are a few notable warnings.

  • This cleaner can be toxic if the mist is inhaled.
  • It can cause irritation to the skin, and gloves are recommended.
  • Contact with the eyes could lead to eye irritation and damage.
  • Ingestion of the product is toxic and requires poison control to be called.

Therefore, it's important to keep this and other toxic chemicals out of the reach of children. As with all industrial cleaners, Blue Gold should be used with care.

An Industrial Cleaner You Can Use at Home

While Blue Gold Cleaner is designed for cleaning and degreasing large machine parts, you can use it at home too. Since it comes in a concentrated formula, it lasts a long time and is listed as non-toxic. However, as with any commercial cleaner, follow the safety recommendations when using.

Blue Gold Cleaner: Guide to Safe and Powerful Cleaning